Congressman Coffman Becomes a ‘NeverTrumper’ When It Fits His Reelection Strategy

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Congressman Mike Coffman on Thursday released a paid television ad attacking Donald Trump but saying he may hold his nose and vote for him.

Coffman has also said he would not rule out voting for the Johnson-Weld Libertarian Party ticket.  Predictably, the Denver Post again displayed its desire to “help” Republicans by praising Congressman Coffman’s decision to attack Trump. The Post asserts Coffman’s action is good for the GOP.  Yeah, right.

The Denver Post, like the New York Times and other big-city Democrat newspapers, has always been generous in providing ink to help Republicans “get their minds right.” In the 2014 Colorado Republican gubernatorial primary, the Post dutifully recommended the nomination of the business establishment’s candidate, Bob Beauprez, who then lost in November to the incumbent Democrat Governor. It was the only statewide race the Republicans lost that year.

Yep, the liberal Democrat Denver Post is always looking out for the Republican Party.  But in this case, the newspaper has chosen a strange vehicle for its uplifting, helpful message.

Here’s a news flash for the Post’s editorial board.  If Trump were polling well in Coffman’s District, you would see and hear only glowing praise for The Donald from the political chameleon, Mike Coffman. 

Mike Coffman promising to “stand up” to Trump is like a french fry promising to stand up to a cheeseburger.  It’s probably no coincidence that Coffman made his anti-Trump statement a few days after returning from the Koch brothers’ anti-Trump Billionnaires Bash at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. There’s nothing like the smell of hard cash to lubricate a politician’s sense of moral outrage.

Coffman has gone through so many “soul searching” political transformations it is becoming apparent to all that the only angst he feels is from the fear of no longer being CONGRESSMAN Coffman. Among the many examples of egregious hypocritical flip-flopping in search of his true (progressive) political identity is his going from border hawk to best buddy to open borders huckster Luis Gutierrez.  He will vote for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill if it ever comes to a vote in the House.

I have known Mike Coffman for almost 20 years and welcomed his successful race for my congressional seat when I retired in 2008. If I believed for a millisecond that Coffman had, indeed, said what he said about Trump out of a sense of patriotic duty, I could forgive, and maybe even applaud, that decision.  Sadly, I know better: Mike Coffman is the worst kind of opportunist. The only thing authentic about him is his passionate desire to keep that House Member pin on his lapel. 

It is safe to say the reason Coffman now feels safe in openly attacking the GOP Presidential nominee is because the deadline for an Independent or write-in candidate to run against him passed ten days ago.  

I will not be surprised if Colorado’s 6th congressional district Republican voters decide they will be better served by a Democrat of genuine conviction than a dishonest chameleon. Personally, I hope his duplicitous attack on the Republican presidential candidate is not rewarded with another term.  


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