Donald Trump’s Ace in the Hole: The Black Vote

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally August 19, 2016 in Dimondale, Michigan.
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My new book “ANGRY WHITE MALE” comes out tomorrow.

I’ve been arguing in the media for well over a year now that Donald Trump will win because of 40 million motivated “angry white males.” That’s his base…his foundation…his loyal army. Trump is the face of “the angry white male revolution.” We’re mad as hell at what’s being done to this country and we’re not going to take it anymore.

So it might come as a surprise that the ultimate “Angry White Male” and author of a book about “angry white males” would say that black Americans are the key to Trump’s victory.

But they are. 

“Angry white males” may be Trump’s base and foundation. But black voters will put Trump over the top. Black voters will make him President Donald J. Trump.

I believe Trump will attract the most African American votes of any Republican presidential candidate in modern history. Trump will get upwards of 15 percent of the black vote, with a shot at 20 percent.

Why do I say this? First of all because things have never been worse for black Americans living in the inner cities of America. Pick a city: Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans. The poverty, hopelessness, homelessness, unemployment, violence, murder, drugs, inferior education for their kids- all of it has never been worse.

Trump is taking that case to black America. He is actually the perfect candidate to attempt this feat- because he is so outspoken, controversial and politically incorrect. All the same traits that critics complain about, allow him to “tell it like it is” to black voters. Trump’s willing to say things no other presidential candidate has ever dared say.

Secondly, I have personal anecdotal evidence that Trump is doing far better among black voters than polls indicate. Everywhere I go, because people know me as “Trump’s fiercest supporter” in the national media, black Americans WHISPER in my ear “I’m with you.”

I ask them “Why can’t you say it out loud? Why are you whispering?” They always have the same response, “I can’t tell my friends, neighbors, or co-workers, but I’m rooting and voting for Trump. I like his style. I like his attitude. I’m with you Wayne.”

Black voters may not be announcing their choice out loud. They may not be telling pollsters on the phone. But they are whispering “I’m with TRUMP.” When it comes to black Americans, Trump is the “Whisper candidate.”

But the key to Trump’s victory won’t just be the number of black Trump voters. Even if Donald gets historic numbers of black votes, that means Hillary still gets 85 percent of the black vote. Yes, that’s dramatically down from Obama’s two elections…but that’s not her big problem. Hillary’s bigger problem is black voter turnout.

I have many friends in the black community. And every one of them reports the same thing- black people don’t like Hillary. Many still won’t vote Republican, but they will simply stay home. Hillary can win an overwhelming 85 percent of the black vote, but if the total number of black voters is down 30 percent or more from 2012, she can’t win the election.

Now comes the “how” part of this story. How does Trump seal the deal with black voters?

If Trump carries out this plan, he wins the election with a base of 40 million angry white males, combined with historic numbers of black voters that put him over the top. That’s a political coalition never seen in the history of American politics.

Only Trump could pull it off!

First, be “Bullworth.” That’s the 1998 movie starring Warren Beatty as a US Senator who tells the raw truth, shocks and offends, but wins the trust of the people. In the movie Senator Jay Bullworth walked into black churches and told the people that Democrats lie to them to get their votes, but have no interest in improving their lives.

Now Trump needs to make the same case in real life. Donald needs to walk black inner city neighborhoods and speak at black churches…and simply tell it like it is. Raw truth. Tell blacks they are being scammed. They have been lied to. Their neighborhoods are ruined. Their schools are a disgrace. Drug dealers on every corner is a travesty. One third of their male children in prison is a horror. The 58% unemployment rate among black youth is unimaginable. The murder rates on their streets is black genocide. He needs to say, “This is what 50 years of voting almost 100% Democrat has gotten you. It’s time to try a new path. What have you got to lose? How could it be worse? It’s time to try TRUMP.”

Trump has already started giving this raw, blunt, truthful message. But now he must say it from black neighborhoods and inside black churches. Take you case directly to the black people, Donald.

Trump must enlist trusted lieutenants like Dr. Ben Carson and Lt. Colonel Allen West. Trump needs to send these African American heroes, role models and surrogates out into inner city neighborhoods throughout America to spread the message, “There’s a new sheriff in town. It’s time to clean house. What have Democrats ever done for you? Trump is your REAL hope and change.”

Then it’s time to allocate precious resources making your case Donald. Spend serious money on BET (Black Entertainment Television) and radio ads on black music stations- places no Republican has ever dared to go before! And here is what you say:

Show images of the streets of inner city Detroit and Chicago.

Show images of rioting and looting in Baltimore.

Show images of cop cars next to dead bodies with headlines ripped from the news: “120 shot in one week in Chicago, 25 dead. All-time record.”

Show images of headlines about 58 percent black youth unemployment rate.

Then Trump needs to personally say, “Your life declines. Your city burns. Your kids die. Meanwhile Hillary collects $2 billion in the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments. It’s a charity scam. They paid out almost nothing to charity. But Chelsea got a million dollar salary. Chelsea got a $6 million penthouse overlooking Central Park. What did you get?

Did Hillary EVER invest one dollar of her $2 billion back into American inner city neighborhoods? Or schools? Did she ever give a dime to improve your life? Where did the money go to build Haitian schools? Because the Clintons never built what they promised to build. Did it go to Chelsea? To fancy hotel stays? Private jet trips?

The Clintons aren’t your friends. With friends like this, who needs enemies? I’m Donald Trump and I’m offering REAL hope and change. Real jobs. Action. Not talk.”

Trump needs to lay out a plan. He will take the $400 billion Hillary wants to spend on importing Muslim refugees…and instead spend it on black inner cities.

Trump needs to offer black parents “school choice” and charter schools for their kids- who are failing in public schools run by teachers unions who couldn’t care less about the kids.

Trump will create black jobs by the millions by building the wall, keeping cheap labor out and changing failing trade deals. Hillary gives you welfare, Trump gives you jobs and dignity.

Trump will team government with churches to find a way to get black fathers back in the home. Democrats fear religion. They don’t want churches involved. Democrats think only government has the answers. How’s that working out for you?

Do these steps…announce them…promote them in black neighborhoods and churches…and Trump’s November surprise will be an historic victory propelled by black voters. Black voters will be Trump’s ace in the hole. Black voters will put him over the top. Keep in mind this is coming from the ultimate “ANGRY WHITE MALE.”

One last point that needs to be made. One of my best friends in life is a great friend of Donald Trump. He introduced me to Donald. He knows the REAL Donald- the one off the campaign trail. He tells me Donald truly wants to help lift black Americans from poverty. He really believes he can create jobs for black Americans like never before. He really wants to make a difference. This isn’t a campaign theme. This comes from the heart.

If Trump pulls this off…and then becomes the best economic and jobs president ever for black Americans…he creates an historic and lasting GOP coalition of angry white males and black voters.

And that is the dream of this ANGRY WHITE MALE!


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