TWIN FALLS: Parents of Refugee Rape Victim Flip Politician’s Insult Into Help For Other Victims

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TWIN FALLS, IDAHO—The family of the five-year-old raped by refugee boys has declined a donation offered by a local City Councilman who’d publicly insulted them.

Instead, the family will use the donation to start a fund for other victims.

Establishment media sources — including the Washington Post and local media — and various politicians have attempted to downplay or to cover-up the early June attack on a five-year-old girl by three Muslim refugee boys who orally and anally penetrated the girl before urinating on her.

Twin Falls’ City Councilman Greg Lanting, for example, used a Facebook rant to make claims about sealed evidence and the victim’s family. Breitbart News reportedly exclusively on Lanting’s public comments, which included false claims about both Breitbart reporting and to the family. Lanting wrote in part :

You realize these Internet Fake news agencies can LIE all they want and can never be proven wrong. The case is sealed we will never know more than we know now. Another obvious lie is the child does not live with the father. The police and now the courts have had the video since the night of the assault. The father as far as I know it is not even involved with the child. NO WAY he saw the video.

At last Monday’s City Council meeting, Lanting admitted that his claims were false and apologized for them. As Breitbart News reported, the victim’s father—who lives with his wife and daughter —personally saw 30 seconds of the alleged assault that was recorded by one of the refugee boys.

At the Aug. 22 City Council meeting, local activist Julie Ruf read a letter from the victim’s family:

On June 2nd, my 5 year old daughter was a victim of a shocking crime that has caused a lot of public discussion both in Twin Falls and nationally.

About ten days ago, City Councilman Greg Lanting took to FaceBook and made a number of claims about the case and my family that he has now admitted were not true.

This past Tuesday, Mr. Lanting personally visited my family to apologize. He was very sincere and admitted that he was wrong.  I believe he meant it from his heart.

He also gave us one hundred dollars to help our family.

We thank Mr. Lanting for that but my family decided we were not comfortable accepting this money for ourselves.

Instead, we have decided to use his donation of  $100 to start a fund for local families of victims, those who need help just like our family did.  we will also be adding $100 of our own money, to match what Mr. Lanting gave.

Unfortunately,  our experience with victim services here in Twin Falls shows they do not provide help for victims in a timely manner. Our application for victim services has not yet been approved.

Without the generous help from our community we would still be in the apartment complex where the crime against our daughter occurred.

We will have more specific details about this fund and how people can contribute in the coming weeks.

Thank you everyone for your help. Our family is in a home now, our daughter is happy, feels safe, and we can finally begin to heal.

Twin Falls has had other cases of crimes by Muslim refugees since the June assault.

This month, a refugee named Mohammed Hussein Eldai molested a mentally retarded woman. Twin Falls TV station KMVT had previously used alleged molestor Mohammed Hussein Eldai in a news story as an example of a peaceful Muslim concerned about the reputation of Islam.

Breitbart News has been in Twin Falls for weeks investigating the issues that led to the June 2 assault, including Idaho’s refugee resettlement program that satisfies the globalist drive for cheap labor by using refugees as employees for the local food processing industry.

Breitbart will continue to bring you in-depth reporting about how this small America city has been impacted by the globalist attempt to fundamentally transform the United States.

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