Hiding Hillary Day 265: Let Them Eat Chocolate

Clinton Chocolates

It has now been 265 days since Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton held a press conference. The next event on her public schedule is not until August 31st, when she is slated to give a speech to the American Legion National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thursday, Clinton returned to the campaign trail in Reno, Nevada, where she read from a teleprompter for half an hour. As expected, Clinton attacked the “alt-right,” even though her supporters do not know what the alt-right is. She also targeted Donald Trump, Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, Nigel Farage, Vladimir Putin, and Internet meme-makers as some kind of conspiracy that is both global and nationalist. Global nationalists might seem contradictory, but racist!

After her speech, Clinton once again refused to field unscripted questions from reporters. According to ABC News reporter Liz Kreutz, when reporters asked Clinton if she would take questions, she responded, “Let them eat chocolate.” That’s not an exact quote, but it is close enough.

Author, journalist, and free-speech activist Mike Cernovich predicted that Clinton would need some extra rest after exerting herself during the 30-minute speech.


Vice columnist Michael Tracey pointed out that, thanks to Clinton’s speech, the alt-right reached peak popularity.

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