Michigan Quintuplets Work First Jobs Together at the Same McDonald’s

Quintuplets at McDonald's

The siblings who are born together, work together.

Five siblings born at the same time are now working at the same McDonald’s in Michigan, where two of the siblings filed their applications on the same day, M Live reports.

Lucas and Lauren Curtis began working on the same day too, with their brother Leith joining the restaurant in March. Sister and brother Lindsay and Logan joined the staff two months later.

“We call it McCurtis,” joked Lori Curtis, the quintuplets’ mother, in a news release.

Even though the siblings work at the same restaurant, they each have different jobs.

Leith, Logan, and Lucas all work in the kitchen. Lauren works the front counter and drive-thru and Lindsey deals with the lobby.

“We did some research and heard from other friends that working at McDonald’s is a great place to work,” said Lucas, who was named employee of the month for July, to M Live. “It’s cool that I can rely on my siblings to get our work done and collaborate with them at work.”

The store’s manager, Jennifer Walters, says that having the quintuplets on board is good for business.

“When they’re working with their brothers and sisters, it made it easier for them learn their jobs,” she said to M Live. “They work very well together and are all becoming very strong in their respective areas.”