FBI: Nearly Three Times More People Stabbed to Death Than Killed With Rifles, Shotguns Combined

Members of the Chicago Police Department search a vehicle involved in a shooting in the 33
Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) shows nearly three times more people were stabbed or hacked to death than were killed with rifles and shotguns combined.

Breitbart News previously reported this UCR shows nearly twice as many people were beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.” in 2015 than were killed with rifles of any kind.

According to the FBI, the number of people killed with rifles and shotguns in 2015 totals approximately 548. Nearly three times that many, approximately 1,573, were stabbed or hacked to death.

These facts are especially interesting when you consider that the Democrats emerged from the Sandy Hook Elementary attack with a plan to ban numerous rifles, politically categorized “assault weapons,” and certain shotguns as well. But these efforts are misplaced, at best, if the FBI’s numbers are to be trusted.

While Democrats are pushing an “assault weapons” ban that covers certain shotguns, more than three times as many Americans were killed via stabbing or hacking than from all types of rifles and shotguns combined. And nearly twice as many Americans were simply beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.” than were shot and killed with rifles of any kind.

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