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Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton: ‘Without the Media, She Wouldn’t have a Chance’

Washington, DC

Donald Trump said his opponent Hillary Clinton is “highly overrated” and that all she has going for her in this election is the media.

“Without the media, she wouldn’t have a chance,” Trump declared while speaking at a campaign rally in Ambridge, Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon, following Sunday night’s second presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri.

Commenting on his debate performance, Trump said, “We had a lot of fun.”

The Republican nominee acknowledged that he isn’t necessarily proud of everything he’s done, but he is proud of how he treats hard workers, saying he considers himself to be a blue collar worker.

“I’m not proud of everything that I’ve done in life,” Trump acknowledged during the campaign rally. “I’m proud that I’ve always treated the blue collar worker — and I consider myself in a certain way to be a blue collar worker — [that] make this country run with tremendous respect.”

“We treat them with dignity and respect,” he said of hard-working Americans. “These are great people.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Rudy Giuliani also spoke to the crowd, praising Trump.

Sessions said he was proud of Trump’s debate performance, saying the New Yorker “stood there with such courage” while “demonstrating real leadership qualities you want in a President of the United States.”

“We must take our country back…we have one last chance. We’ll never fix immigration if Hillary Clinton gets in there,” Session added, referencing Clinton’s speech in which she says she wants open borders, which was revealed through WikiLeaks.

Giuliani also ripped into Clinton.

“She hates you and we love you,” he told the voters. “[Trump] will be the voice of all us outsiders, all us deplorables, all us losers, all us morons — he’s our voice against the establishment and do you see the way they’re fighting back!” Giuliani said, adding the press is “trying to destroy him.”


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