Rape Victim Hillary Laughed At: In Her Own Words on Social Media

Donald Trump, Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton,

Kathy Shelton—the rape victim whose case Hillary Clinton laughed about in a reported conversation with a reporter—began taking her story directly to the public just a few days ago by opening a Twitter account.

Shelton was seated in the audience at Sunday night’s debate, along with three other women who have accused Hillary Clinton’s husband former President Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting them. One of those women, Paula Jones, was paid a settlement of $800,000 by Clinton.

While the three other women’s stories of unwanted sexual advances by Bill Clinton are compelling, the Kathy Shelton story is different because it directly involves Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton herself and underlying facts are not in dispute. Nobody is denying the horrific nature of the assault that Shelton endured as a youngster, nor is there any doubt that Hillary Clinton was the attorney defending her attacker. Furthermore, the existence of the audio of Hillary Clinton discussing the case with the reporter.

Here are a few selected tweets of Kathy Shelton talking about her story in her own words.

Beyond her own circumstances, Shelton has also made clear that she sees herself as a advocate for abuse victims everywhere.

Some of her tweets are directly aimed at Hillary Clinton.

Kathy Shelton also has tweeted and retweeted about what she believes is the obvious media bias and sometimes outright lies about her and her case.

Shelton also does not try to hide her own political bias – she is clearly against Hillary Clinton and is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

In their pre-debate coverage, it was noticeable that CNN commentators spent almost no time discussing Kathy Shelton. If there was ever a story that the media appeared to not want the public to hear, this is it. However, regardless, Kathy Shelton has chosen to go on record.

You can follow her Twitter account here.


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