Hillary Clinton: It’s ‘Incredibly Painful’ to Run Against Donald Trump

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts on October 12, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton complains that it’s difficult to run against Donald Trump, berating him for running a negative campaign despite polls showing that she is ahead.

“It’s heartbreaking really,” she said, speaking to supporters in Seattle, Washington on Friday night.

“This election is incredibly painful,” she said. “I take absolutely no satisfaction in what is happening on the other side with my opponent. I am not at all happy about that, because it hurts my country, it hurts our democracy.”

She urged voters to not get discouraged or “unplug” from the negative election, despite Trump’s “scorched earth” tactics.

“It isn’t easy running against someone who is so negative, so divisive, so dark and dangerous,” she said.

But Clinton had a litany of negative attacks for Trump calling him unfit for the presidency.

Clinton accused Trump of mistreating women, minorities, disabled people, illegal immigrants, prisoners of war, Native Americans, Muslims, and even President Obama by stoking birther rumors.

“This is who Donald Trump really is … America is better than this,” she said.

Clinton is on the West Coast for a series of fundraisers as she prepares for the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday. Her schedule remains empty for the remaining five days prior to the debate.

While in California, she appeared on the Ellen show to warn viewers that the election wasn’t over, urging them to vote.

“Obviously there is a lot that’s coming out, which is distressing on many levels,” Clinton said. “But I don’t want anybody to think this election’s over, because it’s been so unpredictable up until now that I’m not taking anything for granted.”


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