Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin Returns to Campaign Trail as Part of All-Star Trump Guest Debate Lineup

The Associated Press

Former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is one of the Trump campaign’s guests at Wednesday’s debate in Las Vegas. Palin was one of Trump’s most visible supporters until her husband Todd Palin suffered a serious snow machine accident that landed him in intensive care.

Palin’s return to the campaign trail is likely to energize Tea Party and conservative volunteers, donors, and voters.

In addition to Palin, the Trump campaign has invited Leslie Milwee, who told Breitbart News exclusively that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her twice while she was working as a news reporter in Arkansas.

Patricia Smith — the mother of one of the American heroes killed in Benghazi during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State — is also a guest of the Trump campaign tonight. Smith has slammed Hillary for “treating her like dirt” and lying to her and the other families of Americans killed in Benghazi.

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe, whose undercover videos of one of the Democrat and Clinton campaign’s leading political consulting firms have led to the ousting of two operatives, will also be in the audience as a guest of the Trump campaign. O’Keefe’s videos expose Clinton operatives bragging about instigating violence at Trump rallies and plotting massive voter fraud schemes.

President Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama rounds out Trump’s guest list for the final debate. Malik Obama has said that he is voting for Trump and appeared in Dinesh D’Souza’s blockbuster documentary 2016 Obama’s America.

Dustin Stockton is a political reporter for Breitbart News, a community liaison for Gun Owners of America, and a political strategist. Follow him on Twitter @DustinStockton or  Facebook.


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