Confident Donald Trump Campaign Sprints Into Final Week In Blue States As Hillary Clinton’s Momentum Collapses

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump steps off of his private jet as he arrives fo
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NEW YORK — A confident campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is sprinting into the final full week of the campaign as his opponent Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is struggling.

Federal law enforcement officials are taking another look at her emails, held on a home-brew server that was set up in violation of State Department guidelines, and former FBI officials confirm the nature of the current and ongoing deep dive investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Meanwhile, Trump is surging in the polls and zoning in on several states that political observers previously thought were unattainable for the billionaire businessman.

“This is big,” Jason Miller, Donald Trump’s senior communications adviser, tells Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125.

The news that came out on Friday with the FBI reopening their investigation is big. The fact that 11 days before this contest they found it so extraordinary that they need to go and put this out there I think really spoke to the fact that they found something. So what we found out then today is that there were upwards of 650,000 emails. Now, I’m sure you probably have a lot of emails on your laptop—I’m not sure how many—650,000 is a lot. But 650,000—that’s a big number. They think thousands, there were thousands of back and forth communications between Huma Abedin and Secretary Clinton, all tied into State Department official business. Now, taking a step back, not only is there an issue here with confidential and classified, top secret information that’s being shared, but the other thing to keep in mind that we don’t know yet and this is what we’ll find out depending on how much comes out before the election we just don’t know, but what obstruction of justice issues are going to come out? Clearly this entire email setup was done to get around the confines of having to go through the government so people couldn’t get a FOIA [Freedom of Information Act request] and find out what was going on. As we saw, this all ties back in to the news that came out on Wednesday and Thursday about ‘Clinton, Inc.,’ and the $66 million pay-to-play scheme that Doug Band set up.


The flailing Clinton campaign sent surrogates all over Sunday shows earlier in the day to try to regain control of the narrative but failed miserably. Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, admitted to Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace that Clinton herself and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta were lying in their initial response to FBI director James Comey’s letter. Both Hillary Clinton and Podesta claimed in their initial response that the letter was only sent to Republicans on Capitol Hill, but after Wallace pressed Mook twice on the question the Clinton campaign manager admitted both his candidate and her campaign chair lied to the public. “Chris, if your question is whether Democratic leaders were CC’ed on that letter, the answer is absolutely yes,” Mook relented, admitting Hillary Clinton and Podesta lied when they claimed otherwise.

Meanwhile, over on CNN, State of the Union anchor Jake Tapper corrected Podesta’s inaccurate claim that Huma Abedin “cooperated” with federal law enforcement authorities. “John, she hasn’t been completely cooperative if she didn’t turn over every device that had State Department emails on them and this one computer did,” Tapper informed Podesta, who a moment earlier falsely claimed that Abedin “cooperated” with law enforcement on the investigation. Of course, the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was reopened precisely because a device was found in former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s possession during the federal grand jury investigation into Weiner’s alleged lewd communications with underage girls. Weiner is Abedin’s estranged husband, and now this development connects the Clinton Foundation, Clinton email and Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner scandals altogether with a single thread. A former Assistant Director of the FBI confirmed on CNN over the weekend that federal law enforcement is conducting a wide-ranging criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation. This means there are three separate but interrelated tracks on which federal authorities are investigating these matters. The web of investigations includes the reopened email case, the Foundation case, and the Weiner case. The first two directly implicate Hillary Clinton herself for sure, and the third one directly implicates a longtime Clinton ally in Weiner—and his estranged wife Huma Abedin, the longtime Hillary Clinton confidante. All of this comes as WikiLeaks continues to publish trove after trove of thousands upon thousands of pages of emails from Podesta that keep crushing the Clinton campaign in the final weeks.

“I think this just shows there is a cumulative effect of this,” Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, the president of the Government Accountability Institute, and a Breitbart News senior editor-at-large said on Breitbart News Sunday. “If you’re investigating the Clinton Foundation, one of the things you’re trying to do of course is find all communications that might be related to that investigation. So, I think as things proceed in looking at Anthony Weiner’s case, and the question of the emails and whether Huma Abedin turned them all over to the FBI which she clearly did not, that also provides potential fodder for evidence for the Clinton Foundation investigation. What it seems like, based on the quantity of emails on the Anthony Weiner computer—which is an astronomical number when you think about it—clearly some of those are going to be related to what Huma Abedin was communicating with Hillary Clinton. So we’ll just have to wait and see how powerful it is, but I think it is serious trouble for the Clintons on all fronts as it concerns criminal investigations now in three separate areas.”

Schweizer added that he expects in these forthcoming emails—reported by the Wall Street Journal to number more than half a million, 650,000 approximately—“we’re going to find evidence of what the Clinton Foundation was doing that’s going to build on the Podesta emails.”


The Trump campaign is confident that they’re zoning in on a win on Nov. 8.

“Well I think what’s most interesting is we’re seeing a lot of Hillary’s top supporters either remain quiet or as I just saw on Twitter, reporting by Zeke Miller of Time, that Doug Schoen another top analyst at Fox News just said he’s actively reassessing his support of Hillary,” A.J. Delgado, another top Trump adviser, said in a joint appearance with Miller in studio on Breitbart News Sunday on Sunday evening. “So not only are we seeing voters across the country—I think it was over a third—saying they think this could affect their vote, but actually some of her top supporters in national media are either remaining quiet because they don’t want to defend her or they are actively reassessing like Doug Schoen just said. Pretty big.”

Republican National Committee (RNC) co-chair Sharon Day, in an exclusive op-ed for Breitbart News over the weekend, called on top Democrats and media organizations who had previously endorsed Hillary Clinton to actively reconsider their endorsements. Schoen withdrew his endorsement of Clinton on Sunday night.

Miller, Trump’s senior communications adviser, pointed to a Daily Beast piece about how the Clintons were pushing to orchestrate ex-prosecutors and former Justice Department officials to speak out the FBI director James Comey as well.

“It is so engrained in [the Clintons’] culture to try to manipulate government entities from behind the scenes, to try to manipulate the media and the news flow that at a certain point you have to wonder what’s real, but I think this all goes to a point Mr. Trump continually makes about draining the swamp,” Miller said. “It’s really become encapsulated in this one phrase, this one sentence, that ‘we want change.’ This is so much bigger than Donald Trump. This is so much bigger than Hillary Clinton. We want a change in direction. We want to completely drain the swamp, throw the bums out and get some real representation in Washington that isn’t just there to get rich.”

Miller noted that the Trump campaign is now actively contesting in deep blue states including New Mexico and Michigan—which haven’t voted for a Republican for president in years—among others, aiming to swing them in his direction as Clinton’s campaign implodes. The momentum for Trump in these states, Miller noted, was already shifting before the FBI director’s announcement that criminal investigation into Clinton’s email scandal is reopened.

“Here’s the exciting part for everybody listening: These things all started last week,” Miller said.

So, even before we had the news about the FBI, even before we had the news about Clinton, Inc., and the $66 million memo that they had to figure out how they’re going to get rich, going all the way back to where things really started moving was at the beginning of last week. But then when the Obamacare news hit, with the premiums going up last week, that is when we saw a seismic shift and the reason being not just because this was something Mr. Trump was talking about but it was because every single newscast and every single paper int he country talked about what the percentages were impacting their state.

Miller says that internal campaign polling in Michigan and New Mexico show the race in those states—any one of which, combined with states the campaign believes it already has locked down or close to locked down, would push Trump over the 270 electoral vote margin—is a “dead heat.” Miller also noted the race tightening in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and predicted other states will now open up to the Trump message in the final week plus of the campaign.

“Donald Trump changes the map,” Miller said.

And if you look at this race through the lens of ’04 and ’08 and ’12, you’re going to miss everything that’s going on. You’re going to look at the wrong issues, you’re going to be looking at the wrong states and the wrong places. Donald Trump is putting blue states, what would have been viewed as blue states, in play in a way that no one has in years. Case in point: Wisconsin, where we’re going to be on Tuesday, the Democrats—Hillary Clinton, specifically—just went up with a TV buy there on Friday after all this time that they’re talking about going on offense in the red states. They’re now up on TV in Wisconsin, which is supposed to be a safe blue state. They’re up on TV because they see the numbers tightening. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are spending a lot of time in Pennsylvania, which is supposed to be a blue state, but Mr. Trump is putting them in play with his message on trade. Some of these areas, particularly the Midwest, has been devastated in their manufacturing sectors. Mr. Trump will go and reinvigorate these. There is an optimism and an energy with this campaign that I haven’t seen in my entire life and none of us may ever see again. So we’re in New Mexico today, tomorrow Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on Tuesday—these are blue states where not only are we going on offense because we think we have a shot. We’re going there because we think we can win.


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