Update: LA Times Severs Relationship With Reporter Who Wished for Donald Trump’s Death

Donald Trump speaks at an event on October 15, 2016 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The Los Angeles Times fired freelance reporter Steven Borowiec after tweeted he wished Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s “life would end” on Thursday.

The Los Angeles Times provided a statement to Breitbart News:

Earlier today, Steven Borowiec, a freelance journalist in South Korea, posted a tweet about Donald Trump on his personal Twitter profile that violated our professional standards.

The Los Angeles Times is committed to fair, evenhanded coverage of the presidential campaign, and expects all journalists representing the paper, including non-staff contributors such as Mr. Borowiec, to adhere to this standard in their articles and social media posts.

We regard Mr. Borowiec’s comment as inexcusable, and we have ended our relationship with him.

TIME magazine sent out a tweet earlier on Thursday, saying, “See Donald Trump’s life in photos.”

“I’d rather see Donald Trump’s life end,” Borowiec replied to that tweet.

Boroweic deleted his tweet after it went viral as a screenshot. “I meant it in jest,” he tweeted later.


Borowiec joins an NBC producer who praised an illegal alien and attempted assassin as “a good guy with a gun” after he tried to murder Trump at a Las Vegas rally as members of the press who wished harm on a presidential candidate.


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