Donald Trump Wins Constitutional Mandate as Democrats Bet on Anarchy

Several dozen students from various high schools in the Portland, Ore., metropolitan area gather downtown to protest Republican nominee Donald Trump's victory in Tuesday’s presidential election, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016. The protests were peaceful and students said that they felt compelled to demonstrate against Trump because they were not old …
AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

American voters on November 8 gave Donald Trump a constitutional mandate to govern the country, a message rejected and challenged immediately by the same forces that hate constitutional limitations of any kind.

Anyone who expected the left to cooperate with President-elect Trump has not been paying attention. Rejected at the polls, progressives took to the streets with new slogans and a new mythology to undermine not only Donald Trump’s agenda but his legitimacy as well.

“Majority of Voters chose Clinton!” screamed a Planned Parenthood banner headline two days after the election.

That theme has been used by many Trump opponents to challenge the legitimacy of his election. It’s like a Cleveland Indians baseball fan yelling that his team won a majority of the runs scored in all seven games. Well, sorry, but the Cubs won four of the seven games, and that’s how the World Series is decided. Trump won the Electoral College vote and that’s how the Presidency is decided under the Constitution.

However, as a matter of fact, Hillary Clinton did NOT win a majority of the popular vote, her opponents did. Clinton won 47.7 percent of the popular vote, not 50 percent plus one. That means that 52.3 percent of the voters supported someone else as President. If you add McMullin’s anti-Trump .3 percent to Hillary’s 47.7 percent, that is still only 48 percent and short of the 52 percent anti-Hillary vote when you add Gary Johnson’s 3.3 percent and Jill Stein’s 1.0 percent.

Sorry, Juan Williams, but Hillary lost the popular vote. Get over it.

  • To put it most succinctly, if you want to look only at the popular vote totals, the anti-Clinton vote outnumbered the anti-Trump vote.
  • Donald Trump also won 30 states compared to Clinton winning only 20 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • Trump won 24 of his 30 states by more than 50 percent of the votes, while Clinton won only 14 of her 20 states by over 50 percent

If you need more evidence of voter support of Trump’s mandate, consider the OTHER national election held on November 8 — the election of 438 members of United States House of Representatives: Republican candidates won some 3,000,000 more votes that Democratic candidates and retained majority control of that body.

The street demonstrations against President-elect Trump are not merely a temper tantrum by “sore losers” who were expecting a different outcome. Those street protests are a foretaste of what is in store for the country as we slide toward Third World politics.

The left does not accept the moral legitimacy of the US Constitution, so why should we expect the left to respect Trump’s 306 -232 victory in the Electoral College?

In fact, the progressives are busy plotting to persuade enough of the Electoral College electors who will meet in December to cast a majority of their votes for Hillary Clinton — ignoring the wishes of the voters who elected them on November 8. Hypocrisy knows no bounds when it comes to “progressive politics.”

These street protests against Trump’s victory are not simply emotional outbursts by spoiled children. They are the first stage of an organized progressive campaign to first delegitimize Trump’s mandate and then derail his policy agenda. The left hopes to transform the “Heckler’s veto” of free speech into the anarchists’ veto of constitutional government. And huge segments of the mainstream media will be a business partner in that enterprise.

If you need evidence that the current street protests are not simply spontaneous combustion among disappointed partisans, look at the funding behind the groups supporting the demonstrations.

MoveOn.Org is in the forefront, as are other groups funded by Hillary’s deep pockets friend, George Soros. Are local Democrat mayors in Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Denver loudly condemning the protests and asking their police departments to arrest the lawbreakers? Or do they offer sympathy and encourage the protests with all-purpose slogans like, “We feel your pain?”

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States by a resounding vote more representative of the nation than Bill Clinton’s 43 percent victory in 1992.

Republicans did not take to the streets protesting Bill Clinton’s poor showing of only 43 percent of the popular vote.

But this is 2016, and progressives are suddenly angry and confused, finding themselves on the wrong side of history. Neither are some Republicans very happy with the Trump mandate. Let’s see how well the established political order accommodates to THIS new, New World Order.


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