Jennifer Palmieri: Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Breitbart Speech Was Proudest Moment of Campaign

Jennifer Palmieri
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri calls Hillary Clinton’s anti-Breitbart speech the best part of her campaign, and an important moment in American history.

“I am more proud of Hillary Clinton’s alt-right speech than at any moment of the campaign,” she said during a post-election forum at Harvard. “I would rather lose than win that way you guys did!”

Palmieri appeared deeply upset after Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway ridiculed the speech.

“When Hillary Clinton gave her speech in Reno about the alt-right, I just looked at that and thought, ‘Is she running against a website now?’” Conway asked. “It was confusing to me … because I knew Steve [Bannon] and I knew what he brought to the campaign.”

Conway added that she thought the speech was “beneath” Clinton, at a time when she wasn’t spending much time on the campaign trail. Conway also admitted that she knew very little about the alt-right until Clinton delivered a speech about it.

She defended Bannon, who joined the Trump campaign after running Breitbart News, noting the “strategic brilliance” that he brought to the campaign, and defended his character from the “smears” launched by the defeated Clinton campaign.

That triggered Palmieri, whose voice trembled as she denounced Bannon and the Trump campaign, accusing them of promoting white supremacy.

“It is one of my most proudest moments of her, is her standing up and saying with courage and clarity in Steve Bannon’s own words and Donald Trump’s own words, the platform that they gave to white supremacists, white nationalists and it is a very very important moment in our history of our country,” she said.


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