Exclusive–Sen. Richard Shelby: Democrats ‘Did Not Lay a Glove’ on Jeff Sessions

Trump Attorney General
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The Alabama Republican senator, who “introduced” Sen. Jeff B. Sessions III (R.-Ala.) to the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday told Breitbart News he was thrilled to stand by his friend. The senator watched as President-elect Donald J. Trump’s attorney general nominee handled himself with poise and intelligence during the day’s confirmation hearing.

“It was a great honor,” said Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R.-Ala.), who was joined by Sen. Susan Collins (R.-Maine) for the ceremonial introduction to a committee of which Sessions is actually a sitting member.

“I believe Senator Sessions’ nomination by President-elect Trump was very wise,” he said. “Sessions brings integrity and purpose to this job. He has been on the committee for 20 years, he’s been the attorney general for the state of Alabama, he’s been a U.S. Attorney–he’s a conservative with a lot of purpose and that’s important.”

Shelby said it was difficult to watch Senate Democrats breach the comity that governs personal relationships in the Senate by attacking Sessions as a racist, a liar and someone who would not enforce laws he disagrees with.

“I believe he’s going to be confirmed, but some Democrats were grilling him too much–being not real nice to him,” he said.

“But, they are playing raw liberal politics,” he said. “I understand what they’re doing. They’ve got all these people they’re bringing in-these are Democratic constituents to work the hard left against a good nominee.”

“But, they didn’t lay a glove on him,” Shelby said.

“They know down deep–most of them–that he is qualified for the job and he will do a good job,” the senator said. “He’s got character above everything and they need that above everything at the Justice Department.”


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