Moms Demand Action Founder: We Will Protest at Trump’s NRA Speech

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Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts says she and her group “will not be silenced,” that they will protest at President Trump’s upcoming NRA speech.

Trump is speaking to the NRA Leadership Forum in Atlanta on April 28.

According to The Washington Times, Watts said Moms Demand “volunteers will be in Atlanta, just as [they] have been showing up at town halls and in statehouses across the country to stand up for the safety of our families and communities.”

During an April 16 appearance on MSNBC, Watts slammed Trump’s pro-gun stance as “the NRA’s Dream,” but America’s nightmare. She warned of “extremely dangerous” policy positions like national reciprocity for concealed carry permit holders. She also criticized the idea that Trump supports allowing teachers to be armed, rather than forcing them to work all day as sitting ducks in gun-free classrooms and school buildings.

Watts also used her MSNBC appearance to suggest that “caring Americans” support gun control. The intimation was that other Americans–non-caring and the like–support or at least tolerate “the gun lobby.” As is her norm, Watts did not mention the financial machine that the funds her group and the rest of the gun control lobby. Financiers like gun control billionaire Michael Bloomberg allow Moms Demand to keep on fighting, to keep on showing up to protest, even though their protests rarely turn into victories.

On April 7 Breitbart News reported that  Moms Demand volunteers sat in the gallery of the Florida House to pressure lawmakers into rejecting new self-defense legislation in that state. Yet the House overwhelmingly passed the bill, bolstering Stand Your Ground in the process. Moms Demand volunteer state chapter leader Michelle Gajda responded by saying, “It’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

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