Donald Trump Celebrates House Vote for Obamacare Replacement: ‘It’s Essentially Dead’

President Donald Trump speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday, May 4, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Donald Trump celebrated the House vote to replace Obamacare on Thursday, bringing House Republicans to the White House to talk about their victory.

Trump spoke about how he traveled the country during the presidential election and heard everyone’s complaints about Obamacare.

“It’s been a catastrophe,” Trump said, describing Obamacare as “essentially dead.”

House Republicans finally passed their version legislation this afternoon and immediately boarded buses that transported them to the White House.

Trump praised the plan with dozens of House Republicans in the Rose Garden, who laughed and celebrated with the president.

“It’s a great plan,” Trump said, assuring Americans that premiums and deductibles would start coming down. “This is a repeal and replace of Obamacare, make no mistake,”

Trump also appeared optimistic that the bill would succeed in the Senate.

“We’re going to get this passed through the Senate,” he said. “I feel so confident.”

Trump and his aides spoke with Speaker Paul Ryan privately in the Oval Office before the statement as House Republicans stood in the Rose Garden. He thanked Ryan during his speech,

“I want to thank Speaker Ryan, he has worked so hard,” Trump said, congratulating him for a “job well done” in getting the bill passed. Ryan also thanked Trump for his leadership in pushing the bill across the finish line.

Vice President Mike Pence was also present and introduced Trump at the beginning of the event.

“Thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump, welcome to the beginning of the end of Obamacare,” he said.



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