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Donald Trump: Obamacare ‘One of the Biggest Broken Promises in History of Politics’


President Donald Trump thundered against Obamacare in Ohio on Wednesday, calling it “one of the biggest broken promises in the history of politics.”

The president met with families who had their lives upended by Obamacare, addressing reporters at the Ohio airport before his infrastructure speech.

“Obamacare is dead, I’ve been saying it for a long time, everybody knows it, everybody that wants to report fairly about it does,” Trump said.

He delivered a speech after Anthem announced that they were pulling out of the health care exchanges in Ohio, due to prohibitive costs to the company.

“That’s it, bye-bye. Wave good-bye,” Trump said. “What a mess.”

Trump commented during his speech that Democrats suffered immensely politically for their actions, as they were voted out of office.

“That’s why they lost the House. They lost the Senate. They lost the White House,” he said.

Trump warned both parties in Congress to pass an Obamacare replacement quickly, and commented that Senate Majority Mitch McConnell was working to get a proposal finished as soon as possible.

He specifically called out Democrats for trying to stop Republican efforts to fix the problem.

“We’re having no help, it’s only obstruction from the Democrats,” Trump said. “The Democrats are destroying health care in this country.”

He added that the eventual bill would be a strictly Republican effort.

“Republicans or bust,” he said.


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