Newt Gingrich: Mueller Russia Investigation a ‘Rigged Game’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is a “rigged game” because most of Mueller’s lawyers have donated to Democrats.

On Tuesday, Gingrich criticized Mueller for not having pro-Trump attorneys on his team and addressed reports that three members of Mueller’s team have donated to Democrats. One lawyer even defended the Clinton Foundation.

“He apparently couldn’t find a single pro-Trump attorney to hire, and I just think that’s a rigged game, and I think that it’s a mistake to pretend this is going to be some neutral investigation,” Gingrich said on CBS This Morning. “I don’t give the benefit of the doubt to somebody who could only hire Democrats but claims we ought to trust him.”

Gingrich said he spoke to Trump on Monday evening after Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy told PBS that Trump was considering firing Mueller. He said Trump is “actually pretty confident” that “ultimately, he’s still going to be president and this stuff is all going to go away.” He was not pressed further about the details of his call with Trump before Gingrich again called for more transparency and balance.

“Let’s just have transparency,” he added. “Could we have as many pro-Trump lawyers as we have anti-Trump lawyers?”

On ABC, Gingrich said Mueller’s team of lawyers are “bad people” and it is “delusional” to think Mueller’s team could be fair to Trump. But Gingrich said that Mueller will only “annoy” but not “get Trump.”

Gingrich, though, ominously predicted that Mueller’s team will “find some poor person like Scooter Libby,” who Gingrich said “did nothing wrong” during the Valerie Plame investigation but “ended up going to jail” when the independent counsel tried to flip him to get to Vice President Dick Cheney. Gingrich said that is why independent counsels are “very dangerous.”


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