Live Updates: Rep. Steve Scalise Shot in Virginia During Baseball Practice

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Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) has been shot, according to multiple reports. Follow Breitbart News for live updates on the developing situation.


• A man shot at several dozen Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia
• Rep. Steve Scalise (R-AL) was shot in the hip but is now stable and undergoing surgery for his wound
• Because Scalise is House Majority Whip, Capitol Hill Police officers were already present and engaged the gunman for several minutes
• The suspect — James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois — was taken into custody and has died from his wounds
• Five individuals total were shot by the assailant: Scalise, two police officers, a lobbyist and a congressional staffer
• Wounded staffer works for Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX). An early report incorrectly said that Williams himself was shot
• Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) told a reporter the shooter “was there to kill as many Republican members as possible.”
• Hodgkinson’s apparent social media pages reveal intense hatred for President Trump and Republicans

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4:48 PM — Rep. Roger Williams emotionally gives his eyewitness account to reporters at a press conference, praising the law enforcement officers who protected him. “The thin blue line held today.”

4:39 PM — Lobbyist victim now listed in critical condition.

4:09 PM — President Trump will not attend tomorrow’s game.

4:04 PM — Congressional baseball game is still on for Thursday.

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3:10 PM — News Corp has obtained video of the shooting from the man who was walking his dog at the ball park this morning. Watch it at the New York Post.

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2:35 PM — WorldNetDaily notes that Hodgkinson was a fan of Media Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center — the former being the organization whose “Hate Map” inspired would-be mass murderer Floyd Corkins.

2:23 PM — Conservatives flashback to tweet from president of Media Matters seemingly encouraging political violence:

2:12 PM — Exclusive statement from Sarah Palin to Breitbart:

Today’s shooter appears to be a Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer. But Bernie Sanders is not to blame. Maybe the media have matured enough to allow coverage of this most recent violence to focus on facts, because media integrity will be crucial as America witnesses today’s events unfolding and, on behalf of our Congressional Representatives, we all seek justice.

Read the rest of the statement, in a report by Matthew Boyle, here.

1:56 PM — Facebook has removed Hodgkinson’s profile, seemingly confirming its legitimacy. Many observers noted that Hodgkinson shared a post criticizing Scalise in 2015.

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1:27 PM — Of all the clear incitements to violence over the past 7 months, the only example of “coarse rhetoric” that CBS News’ Charlie Rose can think of is “lock her up.”

1:22 PM — From the Washington Post:

Rep. Mike Bost (R-Ill.), who represents the district where alleged shooter James T. Hodgkinson lived, said that Hodgkinson had contacted his office 14 times through email or telephone calls.

“This one never crossed the line, but he was always angry,” said Bost, who added that his office continues to cooperate with law enforcement.

1:21 PM — Full names of all victims, per Paul Ryan’s office:

-Steve Scalise
-Zachary Barth
-Matt Mika
-Special Agent David Bailey
-Special Agent Crystal Griner

1:09 PM — Statement from Ivanka Trump, per Charlie Spiering:

I’d like to start by echoing my father’s statement earlier and offering our thoughts and prayers to Congressman Scalise and all the victims in today’s tragic events. We are grateful for their service and for dedication to this country.

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1:01 PM — Another shooting in progress in California:

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12:29 PM — LOL @ the fastest 180 ever:

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12:18 PM — The “Coulter Test” for news copy:

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12:11 PM — Some possible symbolism in the date of today’s attack:

12:08 PM — Video of President Trump’s full statement:

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11:44 AM — A Facebook group called “Terminate the Republican Party” seemingly celebrates Wednesday’s assault. The Belleville News-Democrat reported that Hodgkinson belonged to this group.

11:43 AM — Rep. Steve King (R-IA) blames “the left” for rising political violence. From WaPo:

“America has been divided,” said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who, suit in tie, stopped by the crime scene to pray, was viscerally angry about his own colleagues being attacked. “And the center of America is disappearing, and the violence is appearing in the streets, and it’s coming from the left.”

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11:33 AM — Hodgkinson’s hometown paper, the Belleville News-Democrat, says the shooting suspect “belongs to a number of anti-Republican groups.”

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11:18 AM — Photo of suspect:

11:16 AM —

11:14 AM — Washington Post reporter says suspect’s “social media amounts to extended screed against Trump.”

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10:54 AM — Michelle Moons shares from WH media pool:

In light of this morning’s shootings in Alexandria, Trump has cancelled his Labor event this afternoon. Sorry for the delay. Poolster having connection problems. No public events on schedule so far, at least out of the White House, even though it’s his birthday. Will pass on any changes.

10:51 AM — Law enforcement IDs the suspect as James Hodgkinson of Illinois:

10:47 AM — Terry McAuliffe says today isn’t the day for a gun control debate, but here are a few gun control talking points anyway:

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10:35 AM — Hollywood’s got takes!

10:30 AM — Part of the gunfight appears to have been captured on video:

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10:05 AM — Rep. Jim Jordan’s office announces that a “Conversations with Conservatives” event for today has been canceled.

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9:53 AM — Reactions from congressional leaders:

9:51 AM — Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL) says he left just minutes before the attack:

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9:33 AM — Per Michelle Moons, Rep. Gary Palmer says on Fox News:

I was about 20 yards from the shooter. We were taking batting practice. I was the short stop, Scalise was at second and Trent Kelly was at third. I heard a gunshot and I yelled to Trent, “that’s a gunshot” — I think the guy’s initial shot, he was trying to hit Trent and missed him. Trent yelled, “shooter,” and we all broke for the first base side of the field to get off the field and he fired two more times and I saw Scalise go down.

9:32 AM —

9:25 AM — Police will not ID suspect at this time.

9:20 AM —

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9:16 AM — Text from Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) says shooter “was there to kill as many Republican members as possible.”

9:15 AM —

9:13 AM — No-name author gets his 15 minutes of Twitter fame:

9:12 AM — SHOCK! Pro-gun control pundit gets facts laughably wrong:

9:11 AM — Williams’ office confirms the Congressman was not shut, but a staffer was.

9:10 AM — Texas reporter contradicts Fox claim that Rep. Roger Williams was injured.

9:05 AM — Gun control group weighs in.

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8:53 AM — Pence cancels event:

8:52 AM —

8:51 AM — Trump tweets:

8:49 AM — Per Michelle Moons, Rep. Brad Wenstrup says on Fox News: “I felt like I was back in Iraq but without my weapon.”

8:49 AM —

8:48 AM — Calls for prayer from across the aisle:

8:46 AM — Second Congressman among the wounded, Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX):

8:46 AM — Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) account of the shootout:

8:45 AM —

8:35 AM — PA Republican suggests this attack could be linked to incitement from the left:

8:34 AM — Statement from the President:

8:34 AM —

8:33 AM — Audio of Rep. Mo Brooks describing the shootout:

8:30 AM —

8:28 AM — Michelle Moons: Contrary to earlier reports, Alexandria police have the shooter in custody.

8:25 AM — Breitbart’s Michelle Moons: CNN and Rep. Mo Brooks reporting that two Capitol Hill police officers were shot in addition to Scalise.

8:21 AM — Per Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering, CNN just broke from covering the shooting… to talk to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) about the Russia investigation.

8:18 AM —

8:16 AM — Sean Spicer tweets reaction statement from White House.

8:12 AM — The shooter was reportedly killed after about ten minutes of exchanging gunfire with security officers. Other Republican lawmakers were present and presumably targeted.

8:11 AM — Photo of Scalise on a stretcher:

8:09 AM — From Breitbart News’ Michelle Moons:

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and multiple other aides were shot at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday morning.

Approximately 50 shots were fired according to reporting from Fox and Friends.

The news network reported that Scalise was shot in the hip and is expected to be alright. Multiple other aides were also shot.

There were conflicting reports as to whether the shooter was dead or alive and whether he had been taken into custody at the time of this report.

The Congressional baseball game is set for Thursday, June 15.


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