Report: Gorka Becoming Trump’s Favorite TV Defender


Dr. Sebastian Gorka has been brawling—and taking names—on establishment media television networks, and the White House adviser has emerged as one of President Donald Trump’s favorite defenders, according to an Axios report.

On Thursday, Axios’ Jonathan Swan noted that to Trump and his nationalist base, Gorka has “become a rock star in recent days.”

“Gorka’s stock has soared as President Trump has watched him on various cable channels fighting with the hosts and accusing them of being part of the ‘fake news industrial complex,’” Swan wrote.

Before Trump left for Paris on Wednesday, Trump reportedly asked West Wing staff, “Did you see Gorka? So great, I mean really, truly great.”

According to Swan, Trump particularly loved Gorka’s exchange with CNN host Alisyn Camerota when Gorka told her that more people watch Nick at Nite than CNN.

“The amount of time you spend in desperation on a topic that has plummeted you to 13th place in viewership ranking across America — more people watch Nick at Nite cartoons than CNN today,” Gorka told her.

Gorka is the rare wonkish television surrogate who can also, to use a rasslin’ term, cut quite the promo. His foreign accent makes him sound like he’s a bit of a heel, but Trump’s base sees him as their heel who is eviscerating Trump’s foes in the legacy media.

Last week, going up against CNN dunce Chris Cuomo, Gorka called out Cuomo for not knowing what the biggest Muslim nation in the world was.

“It’s Indonesia,” Gorka said, schooling Cuomo.

He then said he would assume that Cuomo knew nothing going forward and asked, “What is the largest Arab nation in the world?”

Cuomo responded, “You tell me.”

Gorka simply responded: “Egypt.”

This week on MSNBC, Gorka went up against host Stephanie Ruhle, a more than formidable opponent. Gorka asked if Ruhle wanted to talk about “Mosul or continue talking about the nothing-burger story.”

He told her that Hillary Clinton’s authorization of the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia while she was Secretary of State is a real news story, especially when there could have been pay-to-play shenanigans at work with the Clinton Foundation. He said the “felonious” national security leaks and the fact that Trump’s administration crushed the home of the caliphate were real news stories.

He compared former President Barack Obama’s policy of “attrition” to Trump’s policy of “annihilation” under Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“We’re winning,” Gorka told Ruhle, adding that from the Southern border to NATO to Warsaw to the economy, “we’re crushing it.”

On Wednesday evening, in an interview with the feeble Anderson Cooper on CNN, Gorka said they are “pushing the Make America Great agenda” in the White House and emphasized that Trump is a “steam locomotive that will not be stopped.”

“It is not about you,” Gorka told Cooper after Cooper said he was going to ignore Gorka’s insults. “It is about actually having journalism back on TV. Where are the Walter Cronkites of yesteryear? It is all about ratings and money, it is actually quite sad.”

Donald Trump Jr. was impressed with Gorka’s exchange with Cooper, tweeting that “Gorka’s a SAVAGE!!!”

According to Swan, though Trump views Gorka “as an important part of the team,” Gorka is “a figure of ridicule” in the “more establishment-aligned parts of the White House,” with some staffers even “believing he’s an embarrassment when he represents the administration on TV.”

These “pale pastel” establishment GOP staffers whom Gorka embarrasses always love losing so long as they are liked by the legacy press. And these “pale pastel” establishment Republicans favor and defend career hacks that turn in these kind of losing appearances even on supposedly friendly outlets:


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