Scaramucci: I’m Not Like Bannon, ‘Not Trying to Suck My Own C*ck’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

President Donald Trump’s new communications director Anthony Scaramucci made disparaging comments about White House chief strategist Steve Bannon in an interview with the left-wing outlet The New Yorker.

In a phone conversation with reporter Ryan Lizza, Scaramucci claimed his primary focus is serving his country. He accused Bannon, the former Breitbart News executive, though, of building his brand off of Trump’s presidency.

“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock,” he said. “I’m not trying to build my own brand off the fucking strength of the President. I’m here to serve the country.”

In an interview with Breitbart News’s Matt Boyle last Saturday, Scaramucci talked of working on the “list of campaign promises on Steve Bannon’s wall,” while praising Breitbart News for having “captured the spirit of what’s actually going on in the country” during the last election cycle.

“We have a list of campaign promises that are up on Steve Bannon’s wall and we’re going right through those campaign promises and so that we can tell the American people that we are citizen politicians … we’re not career politicians or establishment players that just want to sit in Washington and milk the system,” he said.

During the interview with The New Yorker, Scaramucci also pledged to “kill all the leakers” in the administration and allegedly convinced himself that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was the man behind a recent leak that Scaramucci had dined at the White House with Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Sean Hannity, and former Fox News executive Bill Shine.

He went on to accuse Priebus of being a “fucking paranoid schizophrenic,” and suggested that Priebus would soon be leaving the administration.

“They’ll all be fired by me,” he said in reference to White House leakers. “I fired one guy the other day. I have three to four people I’ll fire tomorrow. I’ll get to the person who leaked that to you. Reince Priebus—if you want to leak something—he’ll be asked to resign very shortly.”

“What I want to do is I want to fucking kill all the leakers and I want to get the President’s agenda on track so we can succeed for the American people,” he added.



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