Roy Moore on Trump’s Luther Strange Endorsement: ‘I Don’t Know What Kind of Deals Are Made Behind the Scenes in Washington, DC’

Roy Moore speaks to reports at the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee Meeting on August 10.
Jeff Poor / Breitbart News

HOMEWOOD, AL – In an interview with Breitbart News on Thursday night, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore downplayed President Donald Trump’s endorsement of his opponent Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in next week’s special election.

Moore and Strange, along with seven other candidates are vying for what will likely be two spots in a runoff next month for the Republican Party’s nod in the U.S. Senate special election in the GOP primary on Tuesday.

Moore downplayed endorsements in general, noting he received the endorsement of actor Chuck Norris and that Norris was not one of the choices on the ballot.

“Chuck Norris isn’t running,” he said. “They’re not voting for Chuck Norris. He’s a recognizable figure, but they wouldn’t vote for me because of Chuck Norris. They’re going to vote for me because of who I am and what I’ve done. They know me and I think people know Luther Strange. I think they know Mo Brooks. I think they know Trip Pittman. I think they know the candidates here. We’ve been out campaigning and they know what we stand for and not only what we say we’ll do, they know what we’ve done. That’s very important for all of us.”

As for how the Trump endorsement came to be, Moore raised the topic of behind-the-scenes dealing in Washington, DC and added that he was unsure what Trump knew and what he did not know about him when reaching that decision.

“I don’t know if there’s anything I’d say about Trump’s endorsement,” Moore said. “Trump’s got every right to endorse who he wants. I don’t know what kind of deals are made behind the scenes in Washington, DC. I don’t know. He doesn’t know me and I don’t know what he’s been told about me and probably if he’s been told about me what they’ve been saying – I don’t know. I don’t know why he did what he did or what he said.”

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