Gun Control Groups Pressure Underwriters to Blacklist NRA’s Carry Guard Insurance

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The gun control group Guns Down is launching a new ad campaign aimed at portraying the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance as “murder insurance,” with the goal of getting underwriters to abandon the coverage.

Guns Down admits that the insurance is nothing new–the “United States Concealed Carry Association has been in the business much longer”–but they claim to be targeting the NRA because its insurance is “more comprehensive.”

According to the AP, the Guns Down advertising campaign “casts a spotlight on the policies and asks the two insurance companies involved with [Carry Guard] — Lockton Affinity, which administers it, and Chubb, the underwriter — to drop it.” And the Guns Down ads include “a video message from Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen shot and killed in 2012 by a neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.”

Scenes of racial division appear on the screen and Fulton says, “They spend millions lobbying for laws that allow them to ‘shoot first’ and ‘stand their ground.’ But that just makes it easier to get away with murder.”

Two things need to be noted here. First, Zimmerman and the allusions to racism are straw man arguments which serve to incite anger that can then be directed toward Carry Guard, even though Carry Guard has nothing to do with Zimmerman or racism. Secondly, Zimmerman was tried by a jury of his peers and acquitted on charges of second-degree murder in July 2013. The following year, Barack Obama’s DOJ announced there was no evidence to support bringing federal charges against him either.

The shooting was done in self-defense.

AP reports that Carry Guard underwriter Chubb responded to a request for comment by saying “it provides insurance for a wide range of risks…when customers are engaged in ‘lawful activity,’ including hunting, shooting at gun ranges or when a firearm accidentally discharges. It noted that Carry Guard includes training and safety courses.”

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