Hillary Clinton Campaign Still Paying Top Aides, $300,000+ in Year After Election

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WASHINGTON, DC — Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is still paying some of its top aides almost a year after election day, parting with a total in excess of $300,000 since mid-November 2016.

This amount does not include amounts being paid to close Clinton aides from Clinton campaign-supporting PACs and a “resistance” PAC which received a transfer of $800,000 from the Clinton campaign mid-2017, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon.

The report cited Federal Election Commission reports for 2016 Clinton presidential campaign committee Hillary for America for the money paid to Clinton aides from the campaign through third quarter 2017.

Close Clinton confidante Huma Abedin served as vice chair of Clinton’s campaign. From mid-November 2016 through July 2017 she has received $67,000. The campaign’s chief operating officer Elizabeth Jones has received $95,000 from the campaign this year.

Campaign spokesman Nicholas Merrill has been paid $24,357 this year.

Clinton campaign deputy digital director Jenna Lowenstein received $7,831.59 from the campaign in January and $8,750 from April through September for “digital consulting and technology services.” The report adds that in February and April she received $27,508.48 from top Clinton-backing liberal SuperPAC Priorities USA — this is separate from the campaign, but from a Clinton-backing PAC.

Clinton campaign treasury manager Kelly Mehlenbacher received $38,177 this year. Anti-Trump “resistance” funding PAC Onward Together hired Mehlenbacher as its chief operating officer and on May 1 received $800,000 from Clinton’s campaign.

Longtime Clinton aide Robert Russo has received $36,000 from the Clinton campaign this year and now works for Clinton’s personal office, according to the report. Campaign advance associate Opal Vadhan has received $12,200 this year. Campaign worker Grady Keefe has received $17,300 from the campaign this year.

Tuesday evening further news broke that the Clinton campaign and DNC helped fund the now infamous Russian dossier that claimed to connect the Donald Trump presidential campaign to Russia. The Washington Post reported that the Clinton campaign and DNC partially funded firm Fusion GPS’s research.

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