Tucker Carlson: Texas Killer Was Not an NRA Member, Citizen Who Stopped Him Was

Fox News

During the November 7 airing of Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson pointed out that Texas killer Devin Kelley was not a member of the NRA but the armed citizen who stopped Kelley was.

Carlson opened by describing Kelley’s background, saying, “Kelley had been convicted of brutally abusing his wife and infant stepson and received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force for doing it. Even before that–before his conviction–Kelley had escaped from a mental hospital.”

He then pointed to leftists who responded to the Texas church attack by saying “the NRA has too much power” and said, “But wait, Devin Kelley wasn’t an NRA member. [But] the armed citizen who stopped him was.”

Moreover, Carlson pointed out that the armed citizen, Stephen Willeford, “had been trained by the NRA in marksmanship and gun safety, and thank God for that.”

Carlson concluded his opening monologue:

Maybe there’s another lesson here. At every turn the people who claim they will protect you, failed. They didn’t stop Devin Kelley, they let him buy a gun. Instead the hero of this story is a middle-aged plumber named Stephen Willeford. He ignored basic human instinct and ran toward the sound of gunfire to save people. He was armed with an AR-15, that’s exactly the sort of rifle we’ve been told must be banned to keep us safe. Yet Willeford shot the murderer twice with that rifle and later chased him in a car, until Kelley ran off the road. Only after the rampage was over did the police arrive, and at that point, Kelley was dead.

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