Christmas Wish: BuzzFeed Editor Asks for ‘Full Blown Communism Now’

A Chinese paramilitary guard stands in front of a portrait of late communist leader Mao Zedong at the Forbidden City in Beijing on July 31, 2017, on the eve of the 90th founding anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA, originally called the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red …

An editor for BuzzFeed’s UK science section sparked outrage by Tweeting out that her most wanted Christmas gift would be for Britain to go “full communist.”

Kelly Oakes, a 20-something London-based employee for BuzzFeed UK, took to Twitter on December 14 to inform followers, “All I want for Christmas is full communism now.”

Her Tweet was quickly picked up as proof of just how off the charts liberal the BuzzFeed organization really is.

As soon as her Tweet went wide, though, Oakes locked down her account and began blocking conservative critics. Her employer refused to comment on the tweet. Oakes has also avoided further public comment about her tweet.

According to The Wrap, this isn’t the first time a BuzzFeed employee riled critics by advocating for communism. In November, BuzzFeed writer Blake Montgomery called sympathy for the victims of communism a “white nationalist talking point.”

On November 7, Montgomery wrote, “Victims of communism’ is a white nationalist talking point. Trump just made Nov. 7 Natl Day for Vics of Communism.”

Montgomery soon deleted the tweet and apologized.

“I didn’t mean in any way to diminish the many real victims of communism, and my tweet was a bad misintrepretation [sic] of the president’s declaration. I’ve deleted it,” he claimed the next day. “I cover white nationalists, and they use that language a lot, which is why I made that very dumb mistake.”

Estimates vary, but well over 100 million human beings combined were killed under communist regimes in countries such as Russia, East Germany, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and others.

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