Michael Grimm: Rep. Dan Donovan ‘Betrayed Us’ by Voting Against Tax Reform

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AP/Craig Ruttle

Former Republican Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY), who is challenging incumbent Rep. Dan Donovan, chided his Republican primary opponent arguing that Donovan “betrayed us once again” by voting against tax reform.

Rep. Michael Grimm cheered President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in a statement, saying, “Today, Congress delivered on a key campaign promise. The President’s historic tax plan marks an economic milestone, simplifying a convoluted system, cutting rates across the board, and strengthening our nation’s economy. It also effectively repeals Obamacare by dismantling the so-called ‘individual mandate’ and frees millions of Americans from this legacy of Barack Obama’s radical left-wing ideology.”

In his statement Grimm also attacked current Republican incumbent Rep. Dan Donovan (R-NY), arguing that Donovan has repeatedly opposed President Donald Trump’s agenda.

“Unfortunately, our representative in Washington was not on hand to celebrate this victory today,” Grimm lamented. “Not only did Dan Donovan vote against cutting our taxes and creating jobs for our community, he also voted unequivocally to save Obamacare, against expanding school choice and child tax credits, and against outlawing corporate write-offs for sexual harassment settlements.”

Former Congressman Grimm attacked Donovan, chiding the Republican incumbent for opposing the Republican tax plan in the House in November as well as voting against legislation that would ban sanctuary cities.

Grimm explained, “Banning sanctuary cities should be an easy call for any reasonable person. Still, seven Republicans voted against it, including Dan Donovan. This was yet another pillar of Trump’s campaign: immigration reform, starting with border security and ending the illegal practices of sanctuary cities. But, once again, pandering to leftist local officials ruled the day over an extremely popular conservative initiative.”

The former congressman asked, “If a Republican Member of Congress will not use the federal purse strings to enforce the law and reclaim our sovereignty, what exactly are they good for?”

Grimm concluded in his statement, “Though Donovan may have betrayed us once again, our community can make clear that we are all-in on the America First agenda without him and we’re celebrating a great victory for hardworking families here in New York and across the country.”


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