ACU’s Julie Hocker at CPAC: Take Trump’s Message Back to Your Communities to Create a Culture that ‘Cherishes Life and Human Dignity’

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The American Conservative Union’s (ACU) Julie Hocker echoed President Donald Trump’s charge that we need to create a culture that “cherishes life and human dignity” at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday.

“I want to point back to something the president said yesterday, and this is a charge that you should take seriously and take back to your communities,” Hocker argued. “He said, ‘We need to create a culture in our country that cherishes life and human dignity.’”

CPAC hosted the panel titled, “A Matter of Life and Death: How Government is Deciding Whether you Live or Die,” featuring ACU board member Ed McFadden, Julie Hocker of the ACU Foundation, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R-NE), and Allie Stuckey of the Conservative Review.

Gov. Ricketts argued, “We will not provide those Title X dollars to any organization that provided abortions, referred or directly counseled for abortions.”

McFadden claimed that “They say that the millennial generation is the pro-life generation.”

Stuckey argued, “The subjective value of human nature has marked every dictatorial regime since the beginning of human time.”

The Conservative Review writer added, “We look back in shame at those crimes against humanity, but why, today, don’t we look in shame at where we are in 2018, and not just allowing it but also normalizing, glorifying it, and calling it ‘choice?'”

Stuckey continued:

Without life, not a single human right which is granted to us by God and guaranteed in the Constitution and everyone is at stake. That is why in the Declaration of Independance that it is listed before liberty or the pursuit of happiness because without life, the understanding that life begins in the womb, liberty nor the pursuit of happiness exists.

The panel then turned to Hocker, who claimed that there needs to be more compassion towards those who might consider physician-assisted suicide.

Hocker revealed that out of the top ten reasons listed for applying for physician-assisted suicide:

It takes them to reason number six for them to list pain and suffering as the reason. The first five reasons for the most-disheartening facts that I told the governor. It’s a cry for help: I have a loss of community, a loss of a sense of being able to do what I enjoy, and sad and anxious, that’s understandable.

“What’s most disheartening, one out of two say that they’re doing this because I think I’ve become a burden on my community. We can do better than that,” Hocker added.


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