General Motors to Lay Off 1,500 American Workers While Mexico Plant Remains Unaffected

David MaxwellBloomberg via Getty Images
David MaxwellBloomberg via Getty Images

General Motors (GM) will soon be laying off up to 1,500 American workers who currently work at the auto company’s Lordstown, Ohio manufacturing plant, while the company’s Mexico plant remains unaffected.

GM announced the U.S. job-cutting plan that they say is due to the poor sales of the sedan version of the Chevrolet Cruze which, between 2014 and 2017, have decreased by more than 30 percent, CNN reports.

In total, the poor sales of the sedan Cruze will leave 1,500 American workers laid off, which is about half of workers currently working at the plant.

Meanwhile, the corporation’s Mexico plant will be unaffected by the lack of sales. In Mexico, GM manufactures the hatchback version of the car. GM employs about 15,000 workers in Mexico, jobs that could be relocated to the U.S. to provide work to Americans.

Last year, Trump blasted GM for manufacturing their cars in Mexico, Breitbart News reported.

The layoff of American workers at GM is just the latest round, as the corporation laid off nearly 2,000 Americans in 2016 at their Lordstown, Ohio, and Lansing, Michigan assembly plants. During those layoffs, GM’s Mexico operation was unaffected.

In fact, that same year, GM announced they were investing $800 million into a Mexico manufacturing plant where the Chevy Equinox sports utility vehicle is made.

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