Wisconsin Nurse ‘Body Slammed’ Suspect Attacking Police Officer

Nurse Vanessa Guerra and Portage Police Chief Ken Manthey. Guerra earned praise from police after "body slamming" a suspect who was attacking the officers as they tried to arrest a man for parole violations, reports say.

A Wisconsin woman earned praise from police after “body slamming” a suspect who was attacking the officers as they tried to arrest a man for parole violations, reports say.

Two officers in Portage, Wisconsin, were attempting to put a suspect in custody when the suspect’s girlfriend allegedly attacked one of them. Sgt. Eric Walters got the woman to the ground and was about to cuff her, but before Officer Brian Loewenhagen could react, the man they were arresting, 21-year-old Jacob R. Hellenbrand, reportedly broke free and kicked the kneeling officer into unconsciousness.

“A female associate of the male suspect instigated the battery by punching Portage Police Officer Brian Loewenhagen numerous times while he was attempting to place the male into handcuffs,” the Portage Police reported on the department’s Facebook page.

The Facebook page description continued:

During the struggle Sgt. Eric Walters came to Officer Loewenhagen’s aid and was attempting to restrain the female on the ground. While the male was being stabilized against the wall of a building in a standing position by Officer Loewenhagen, nearby Sgt. Walters was attempting to ground cuff the female. The male was able to blade his body toward Sgt. Walters and forcefully kick Sgt. Walters on the right side of his face and head. The force of the kick caused Sgt. Walters to lose consciousness.

Upon seeing the melee, Divine Savior Hospital employee Vanessa Guerra rushed to the fallen officer to see to his condition.

Allegedly, Olivia J. Boomsma, 21, continued her assault of the officers, yelling she had a knife and intended to use it. Guerra then body slammed Boomsma and held her until the officers regained control of the situation.

The department said:

Concerned that the female was going to stab Officer Loewenhagen or the unconscious Sgt. Walters, the nurse disregarded her own safety to help protect the officers and took it upon herself to engage the female suspect by body slamming the female suspect against a wall and held her there until Sgt. Walters resumed consciousness and was able to handcuff the female.

Guerra, a certified medical assistant, told WKOW if she faced such a situation again, she would do the same thing.

“I’m in the medical profession. When you get into that mode, you’re there for your patients; you’re there for the person that you see in need. And that’s what you do,” Guerra added.

Both officers were checked out and were reported in good condition, having suffered only a few cuts and bruises. The department said Sgt. Walters also suffered a possible concussion.

The two suspects now face felony charges for the alleged battery to a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

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