‘Stand for the Second’s’ Will Riley: Government Can Violate a Right, But They Cannot Take It Away

Will Riley
Stand For the Second

“Stand for the Second” organizer Will Riley stressed that government can violate a right but cannot take it away on Fox News’s Cavuto Saturday.

Riley organized the May 2 event in which students at 300 schools around the country pledged to walk out of class in support of the Second Amendment.

Fox News reports Riley’s emphasis on the keeping and bearing of arms as a natural right. Therefore, it cannot be taken from the people. He said, “You can only violate a right, you can’t take it away.”

He added, “It’s not about me getting to keep my guns. I don’t have any. It’s about peoples’ rights. I think that’s how we need to focus on this.”

Although he does not own a gun, Riley defends an 18-year-old’s right to buy a gun. He said, “If you’re someone who is allowed to vote, allowed to serve in the military, I think that you also need to be allowed to own a gun,”

On May 2, Breitbart News reported that students around the country walked out of schools during the “Stand for the Second” event. Stand for the Second not only encompassed students in gun-friendly parts of the country, but in places like California, Chicago, and New York, too.

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