Powell: IG Report Reveals Need for Criminal Obstruction of Justice Investigation of FBI and DOJ

Andrew Harnik/AP

Not only is the IG Report rife with evidence of outrageous political bias and actions based on that, but it also reveals evidence that warrants independent counsel to conduct a thorough, criminal investigation of everyone involved in the farcical Clinton email investigation at the Department of Justice and the FBI for their conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Peter Strzok clearly intended to STOP Mr. Trump from becoming President.

On page 404 of the report, the IG reports:

August 8, 2016:  In a text message on August 8, 2016, Page stated, ‘[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!’ Strzok responded, “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.” 203

This hugely important response was not revealed to Congress until they received the Inspector General’s report June 14th.

WHY?  They have been asking for all of these text messages for months.  For the answer, you must read the footnote on page 404.

203  Although we received Page’s August 8 text message to Strzok from the FBI as part of its production of text messages in 2017, Strzok’s response to Page was not among those preserved by the FBI’s text message preservation software, and therefore was not produced to us.  The OIG’s Cyber Investigations Office recovered this text message, along with others, in May 2018 through forensic analysis of a folder found on Page’s and Strzok’s Samsung S5 devices.

IF that is true, that may be because Lisa Page and Peter Strzok quickly deleted it from their phones.

That deletion could be evidence of knowledge and intent.

If it is not true, then did someone at the FBI tamper with the production of evidence to the Inspector General and to Congress?  Why didn’t the FBI, which is supposed to be the best law enforcement operation in the world, find the message itself? Who is covering for whom?  If the FBI had it and didn’t produce it, that is also obstruction of justice.

It is now painfully apparent that we cannot trust the Department of Justice or the FBI to investigate themselves.  As much as I dislike the idea of any special counsel, we either need a substantial hosing out of both agencies or a special counsel appointed to conduct a thorough criminal investigation of both—and it won’t be by using “consent agreements” and handing out immunity like Halloween candy—Clinton style.

Sidney Powell is a former federal prosecutor and appellate section chief, lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals, author of LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice (2014), a Senior Policy Advisor for America First, and a Senior Fellow of the London Center for Policy Research.


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