Amnesty Activists Slam ‘Shameful’ Ruling Upholding Travel Ban

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Top amnesty groups on Tuesday slammed the the Supreme Court for upholding President Donald Trump’s “shameful” travel ban.

United We Dream proclaimed that the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling “will go down as one of the worst and outrageous Supreme Court decisions in U.S. history, akin to racist rulings in American history that have led to the internment of Japanese Americans and the enslavement and dehumanization of Black Americans.”

“By upholding the Muslim Ban, the Supreme Court has approved one of the many ways President Trump is waging open war on immigrant families,” said United We Dream’s Sanaa Abrar, the group’s Policy and Advocacy Manager. “Since taking office, the Trump administration has shown time and again that they are pursuing  a wide-ranging agenda of racism and bigotry – separating children from their families at the border, detaining and deporting immigrants, ending DACA and TPS, building up the deportation force, and of course, banning immigrants and refugees on the basis of their religion.”

Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, predicted that “this decision will go down in history as one that disgraces the Court and sullies the American creed.”

“Let’s not kid ourselves. This is a Muslim ban. It is based on religious bigotry,” Sharry said. “We look to the Supreme Court to uphold our foundational values, to stand up for the vulnerable, and to stand up to abuses of authority. Today, the Court failed on all counts. Today, the Court failed its mandate, failed its best traditions, and failed us.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s was “deeply disappointed by today’s decision” and added the travel ban “is the policy manifestation” of Trump’s campaign rhetoric. The group emphasized that “words matter, particularly when they come from the President of the United States.”

“Assaulting basic freedoms and rights by attacking marginalized groups and stoking fear is not new in our history,” the group said. “It is as wrong today as it has always been. While those under attack may change, such discrimination goes against the very core of a country founded on a belief in religious and personal liberty. We will continue to fight against efforts to discriminate against and demonize people based on where they are from or how they worship.”

Amnesty activists on joined other anti-Trump protesters outside the Supreme Court for “No Ban, No Wall” and “No Muslim Ban Ever” demonstrations.


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