CBS ‘Millennial Women’ Panel Only Includes One Gun Owner (Who Wants Gun Control)

CBS 'This Morning' talked gun laws with a panel of six "Millennial Women," one of whom owned a gun, voted for Hillary Clinton, and supports more gun control.

CBS ‘This Morning’ talked gun laws with a panel of six “Millennial Women,” one of whom owned a gun, voted for Hillary Clinton, and supports more gun control.

The panel consisted of three Republicans and three Democrats.

One of the Democrats, Lauren Hughes, was the only gun owner on the panel. An attorney by profession, she suggested criminal background checks are not enough; that deeper mental background checks must be incorporated as well.

A Republican, Colette Forster, expressed support for people using guns “to protect themselves, their families, and their homes,” but she believes this can be done with a revolver and/or a non-semiautomatic rifle or shotgun. She then voiced support for Hughes’ mental background check scenario and suggested we ban on all semiautomatic firearms.

Another Republican, Brittney Christiansen, laughed out loud at Forster’s answers, then said, “The Second Amendment was put in place because of protecting the citizens from a tyrannical government, so if the government has these guns we should have the guns.”

Another one of the three Democrats, Jami Amo,  was a Columbine survivor. She recalled the April 20, 1999, attack in a gun-free school zone and suggested people should be required to store their firearms and ammunition separately.

Amo was not asked how people could defend themselves against home intruders with unloaded guns nor was she asked if she wished there had been good guys with guns in Columbine to stop the bad guys.

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