Dem Sen. Chris Murphy Campaign Ad Pushes Gun Control, Universal Health Care

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., speaks during the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Wednesday, July 27, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
AP/J. Scott Applewhite

A new ad by the campaign to re-elect Connecticut Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy touts gun control and universal health care as central issues for the people of his state and the nation.

The ad, titled “Listening Matters,” portrays Murphy on one of his “walks” around the state, listening to citizens. The people he meets on his walks are “grounding me in the issues that I’m focused on in the Senate,” he says in the ad.

“I’m chatting with him closely about gun control,” a woman states as an image of a Rolling Stone article from June 2016 about Murphy’s Senate filibuster on gun control is superimposed on a photo of the senator on his “walk.”

Murphy’s opponent, Republican Matthew Corey, told Breitbart News the senator’s new ad shows he is “out of touch.”

“This election isn’t about gun control,” Corey says. “It’s about the economy and jobs. I work on construction sights all over Connecticut – that’s what I am hearing.”

A Navy veteran and a small business owner, Corey is a supporter of the Second Amendment and points to cities like Chicago and Hartford – with very restrictive gun laws – but which have not curbed shootings.

The GOP nominee has embraced many of President Donald Trump’s policies that, in his view, have helped strengthen the economy and the job market.

“Even as Sen. Murphy and the politicians in Connecticut want to keep this state as a firewall against President Trump’s policies, they’re definitely going in the wrong direction,” he said.

Murphy’s campaign ad also plugs universal health care and loan forgiveness for “beginner farmers” as issues Connecticut residents want addressed by their lawmakers in Washington.

“The people I meet were working 60 hours a week who barely have health insurance,” Murphy asserts.

The CT Mirror reported in June that Murphy blames President Donald Trump and Republicans for higher health insurance costs and compromising health care for those with chronic medical conditions.

“By repealing the individual mandate, you suck millions of healthy individuals out of insurance pools, which drives rates up for everyone that remains, which tend to be predominantly people with healthy issues, sometimes serious health issues,” Murphy said.

However, in a comment under Murphy’s campaign ad, “CT Yankee” responds regarding the senator’s comment about health care:

We have to work 60 hours a week to afford the healthcare that you provided us. Obamacare has caused my small business double digit increases every single year since it has been in place. We have also had to switch insurance companies and plans several times to try and afford what you voted for. Not to mention the $5,000.00 per person deductable (sic). Nice to have a deductable of $10,000.00 for me and my wife, just to keep the skyrocketing costs down. Thanks so much for your support Mr. Murphy. Maybe you should actually do something that helps people in CT, instead of the Democrat party and yourself.

“Sen. Murphy has never worked in the private sector a day in his life,” Corey said, noting the senator’s response to a young man working “60 hours per week” is to “force a higher minimum wage on the small business he works for.”

“He wants to automate him right out of a job,” Corey said. “That is all the worth he sees in that young man is a minimum wage. I see a vocational education or a trades apprenticeship program. The senator can’t comprehend that. He doesn’t know about anything other than another big government program. He has to justify his job in Washington.”

According to the Mirror, Murphy’s campaign has raised $13.5 million, compared to Corey’s grassroots effort, which has raised about $31,000.

Murphy’s sizeable war chest has “allowed him to donate $290,000 of his campaign funds to the Connecticut Democratic Party and spend more than $500,000 hiring Revolution Messaging, a political advertising firm that says ‘we’re leaders in progressive strategy,’” reports the Mirror.


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