John Fredericks: Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Is Gutless Never Trump Attempt to Get Their Swamp Back

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The anonymous op-ed penned by a White House senior official and published by the New York Times is another gutless and pathetic attempt by the neanderthal Never Trump neocon wing of the open border Republicans to get their swamp back.

President Trump has dared to threaten the unholy alliance between Wall Street Republicans, who want cheap labor to drive their benefactors’ bonuses, and Democrats, who want cheap votes from illegal aliens who will eventually become their reliable constituents.

Caught in the crosshairs are American workers and low wage-earners, who were kicked to the curb and sold out by both major political parties for power and money. They had no champion, until Donald J. Trump came along.

The cowardly “senior official” in the White House couldn’t use his or her name because it would potentially expose the greatest hoax in U.S. history. In the world of the unholy alliance open borders, open trade, and military-industrial complex-driven policies are supposed to be the same, regardless of who wins the White House or which party controls Congress.

Just follow the money. Open borders for cheap labor at the expense of decent wages for American workers drives up profits for the elite ownership class and globalist corporations.

Open trade that yields cheap goods dumped in the U.S. by exploiting countries — at the expense of American manufacturing — means higher stock prices for the Wall Street wolves and hedge fund traders.

The ever-growing U.S. military-industrial complex keeps billions of American taxpayers’ dollars flowing to the war-machine makers, their military suppliers, consultants, and ex-officials. See Yemen.

They all donate a percentage of their profits back to the uni-party’s candidates so they can do their every-other-year kabuki dance. They fool the American people into thinking core policies would change based on who won. But nothing was ever meant to change.

Until Trump showed up, U.S. federal elections were like pro-wrestling. Fun to watch, but the aforementioned unholy alliance stayed intact.

Both major political parties were equally complicit in causing the great recession and financial meltdown of 2008. Who suffered the most? America’s working class. They lost their jobs, their homes were foreclosed, their cars repossessed, and their meager savings wiped out.

The uni-party then gave a trillion dollar taxpayer funded bailout to New York’s largest investment houses and banks – the same institutions whose money grubbing policies caused the meltdown in the first place. Then came TARP, a program that ultimately gave the big banks who made the biggest profits the ability to buy up the still failing community banks so competition was stifled and consumers were harmed. See Wells Fargo.

Trump is now asking questions in meetings that no one is supposed to ask. This apparently makes him “unhinged” according to his detractors. He’s asking questions like: “Why are we supporting the Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen?” and “How do we make money on each Amazon package delivered by the United States Postal Service?” and “Can I see a pro-forma, please?”

These questions absolutely terrify the swamp.

From lifetime security clearances for departed officials who then land cushy “do-nothing” jobs to billions of dollars flowing in and out of K-Street lobbying shops, the D.C. swamp and their lower-Manhattan cohorts protect one thing: themselves. The elites in Washington are threatened by Trump and his “America First” political movement.

They know that if they don’t take Trump down now, he will win again. And then what?

Sixty-three million Americans voted for Trump in 2016, earning him 306 electoral votes. They voted for his policies and his agenda. They voted for him to disrupt the status-quo. Trump’s domestic economic success and the breathtaking results he’s achieved after 18 months is astonishing to most working class Americans, but anathema to the ruling, ownership class on the coasts. They are losing their grip on power — and influence.

Trump eviscerated the feckless do-nothing Republican Party and their bevy of 16 donor-groomed candidates on his way to the nomination.

The Republican Party, which was going the way of the Whigs, is now the Party of Trump — and not a moment too soon.

The Republican rats in the White House want their Bush, Rubio, and Clinton back. After all, the money’s good.

John Fredericks is a syndicated morning radio talk show host in Virginia.


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