***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Arizona Rally

MESA, AZ - DECEMBER 16: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to guest gathered during a campaign event at the International Air Response facility on December 16, 2015 in Mesa, Arizona. Trump is in Arizona the day after the Republican Presidential Debate hosted by CNN in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo …
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President Donald Trump will hold a Friday evening rally in Mesa, Arizona, as he continues to crisscross the country to boost Republican candidates ahead of the midterms.

Trump campaigned in Montana on Thursday evening and will campaign in Nevada on Saturday afternoon. He will headline a Texas rally on Monday evening before heading to Wisconsin.

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10:42 PM: Trump, as always, dynamic on the stump. Red-clad crowd cheering him like Zona fans would cheer Lute Olson at McKale.

10:38 PM: Trump says Arizona was settled by the toughest men and some of the most beautiful women (fact check: True!). He mocks the press and says they are probably saying “I think we got him” re: his “beautiful women” remarks.

10:36 PM: Trump says his job as president is only hard because he chooses to work 24 hours a day. He says he loves it because he is accomplishing more than anybody imagined. He says a vote for Republicans is a vote for “more products made right here in the U.S.A… that’s what we want.”

10:29 PM: “We’re winning,” Trump says after telling the crowd that he is cracking down on China’s “highly abusive” trade practices.

10:27 PM: Trump estimates Hispanic Americans make up about 10% as crowd chants Trump.

10:25 PM: Trump says Democrats believe illegal border crossers should be set free while Republicans believe they should be sent back home or jailed if they are criminals. He says Democrats want the country to be a giant sanctuary for illegal immigrants and provide “free welfare for illegals.” He blasts California again for giving benefits to illegal immigrants when the state owes millions, trillions…

10:23 PM: Trump says “casualties” of Dems’ weak immigration policies are “innocent American families and lives.”

Trump says a “Democrat victory in November” will be a bright flashing light to traffickers and illegal immigrants to “come right on in.”

10:20 PM: “You gotta be crazy,” Trump says of anybody who votes for Democrats. “Let’s get these people out of there… They’re cuckoo.”

Trump says Democrats don’t care about illegal immigration because all Democrats care about is power, pointing out “they’ll be voting Democrat no matter what we do.”

He says that’s why Democrats want to give illegal immigrants free welfare, free education, driver’s licenses, and the right to vote. Trump says cars may not be good enough and Democrats will want to give illegal immigrants Rolls Royces made in other countries.

10:17 PM: Trump railing against catch and release, the visa lottery, and chain migration.

“We’re ending it, folks,” Trump says of “chain migration.”

Trump now talking about catching “bad hombres” and releasing them. Trump now says it’s all his fault because “everybody wants to come in” because of his booming economy. He says he only wants to let people in “based on merit.”

10:12 PM: Trump says Democrats will destroy Medicare Advantage, which will hurt Hispanic seniors. Trump says he is doing very well with Hispanics because they want great jobs and security in the border.

Trump says Republicans will protect preexisting conditions and to let him know if some are wobbly because he’ll get them to change their minds. Trump also reminds the audience that he was the only one during the GOP presidential debates who said he was not tinkering with Social Security.

10:09 PM: Trump says Sinema voted agains the tax cuts because Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters told her to. “She’ll do whatever they tell her to do.” Trump says Sinema joined the “Democrat mob” attacking Kavanaugh and voted for sanctuary cities and against the border wall.

He says a vote for Sinema is a “wasted” and “dangerous” vote because it’s also a vote for Schumer, Pelosi, and Waters.

10:02 PM: Trump introduces McSally, who says, in reference to Sinema’s past comments, “we are not crazy here” and “we are not the meth lab of democracy.”

McSally: “I was shooting at the Taliban and Sinema said it’s ok for an American to join the Taliban. What the hell?”

She says Sinema voted for sanctuary cities and notes that Angel mom Mary Ann Mendoza is in the audience.

9:59 PM: Trump on midterms: “Just don’t be complacent.”

“I want to win this. And then I want to win that,” Trump says of 2018 and 2020.

9:56 PM: Trump on the migrant caravan: “You’ve got some bad people in those groups. You’ve got some tough people in those groups. And this country doesn’t want them. We don’t want them.”

9:54 PM: “We’re going to come up with another name,” Trump says of Elizabeth Warren. “We can’t use Pocahontas anymore.”

Trump now warning voters that radical Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and “cryin’ Chuck Schumer” take over Congress, they’ll raise taxes, impose socialism (turn us into another Venuzuela), and open borders to ruthless gangs and drugs (“come on in, everybody!”).

Crowd chanting “build that wall.”

“The wall is under construction,” Trump says. “I want to build it all at one time.”

Trump now talking about Mexico’s southern border–“They’re fighting some bad people.”

Trump says the fake news makes the caravan seem like they are “all wonderful people.”

9:51 PM: Trump now talking about how the “radical Democrats” treated Kavanaugh badly. “Don’t forget it on Nov. 6,” Trump says. He says Democrats have become an “unhinged mob” that wants power.  Trump stressing the importance of the Arizona Senate race.

“Democrats produce mobs. Republicans produce jobs,” Trump says again.

9:50 PM: Trump says more Americans are working today than in the country’s history. “Nice!”

Trump says that manufacturing jobs are “surging” in Arizona at the fastest rate in more than two decade.

“We’re taking care of our veterans. And our military will be more powerful than it has even been before,” Trump says.

9:48 PM: Trump loves being in the great state of Arizona. “In just 18 days, the people of Arizona are going to send Martha McSally, a great woman,… to the United States Senate to protect your jobs, defend your borders, continue making America great again.”

9:30 PM: Trump arrives and is about to take the stage. All of the red in the audience making venue look like McKale Center.

9:00 PM: Trump expected to address the packed crowd soon:

8:50 PM: Many people from California have left the Golden State to states like Arizona. Meanwhile, California is getting an influx of liberal white “Obama bros”and their ilk (and to add insult to injury, these people do not even have any visceral connections to Vin Scully, Chick Hearn, Bob Miller, Dick Enberg, Ralph Lawler, Lawrence Tanter) as the state becomes more and more of a salad bowl instead of a melting pot. Terrible, terrible trade.

8:30 PM: Immigration top issue for yet another GOP primary voter.



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