Polls: Democrat Joe Manchin Slipping in Final Weeks of West Virginia Senate Race

Patrick Morrisey and Joe Manchin
AP Photo/John Raby/AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

West Virginia Senate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) lead continues to slip in the final weeks of the increasingly competitive Senate race, according to multiple polls released on Thursday.

In a poll released by the West Virginia Metro News, Sen. Manchin only leads by 5 points—45 to 40 percent—against West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, while 11 percent of West Virginians support Libertarian Rusty Hollen, and five percent of voters remain undecided. The poll has a five margin of error, making the West Virginia Senate race nearly a statistical tie.

The last version of the poll in August showed a more significant gap between Manchin and Morrisey—in August, Manchin led by eight points over the West Virginia conservative.

Rex Repass, the pollster who conducted the Metro News survey, suggested that the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and President Donald J. Trump’s multiple visits to the Mountain State have spurred voter interest in the Senate race.

“It could be a higher turnout this year because of just a tremendous amount of interest in the U.S. Senate race in West Virginia,” Repass said. “Part of that was spurred by the Kavanaugh debate, part was because of President Trump being in the state multiple times for Patrick Morrisey.”

Repass also contended that the two Senate candidates will have to try to keep their bases’ interest in voting high to win the contentious Senate election.

“I think opinions of who you support are solidified,” Repass continued. “This is a closing argument. It’s also rallying the base, making sure that those who are enthusiastic have already voted or will vote.”

Another survey released on Thursday from Emerson College showed a tightening gap between Morrisey and the incumbent Democrat. The poll revealed that Manchin only leads by five points—47 to 42 percent—against Morrisey, while Hollen has three percent, and eight percent of voters remain undecided. The poll has a 3.2 percent margin of error.

West Virginia third district Republican candidate Carol Miller leads against Democrat Richard Ojeda by seven percent, with 52 percent of West Virginians supporting Mille, 45 percent supporting Ojeda, and three percent of voters still undecided.

Morrisey slammed Manchin in an interview last week with Breitbart News Daily, contending that when Democrats such as Manchin offer amnesty, it serves as “welcome invitation” for more migrant caravans and illegal immigrants.

Morrisey told West Virginians at a rally this week President Trump has helped him close the gap with the incumbent Democrat.

“Every race I run, I close the deal,” Morrisey charged. “President Trump is coming back to West Virginia. President Trump was the key to turning this race around. Now he’s coming to help me close the deal.”


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