Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Jerome Corsi

(INSET: Robert Mueller) US conservative political activist Jerome Corsi speaks outside the US Federal District Courthouse in Washington on January 3, 2019, after a hearing in his lawsuit against Russia collusion investigation chief Robert Mueller. - Corsi, is suspected of having had advance knowledge that WikiLeaks would, in the summer …

The Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed former Infowars D.C. bureau chief Jerome Corsi on Thursday as part of its investigation into Russian meddling during the 2016 election, according to a report.

Corsi’s attorney, Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, told The Hill on Friday that the panel is requesting an interview and documents from his client and described the subpoena as “overly broad” and “part of continued harassment from this committee.”

Last year, Corsi and Klayman rebuffed a request for documents from the panel.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) and the panel’s vice chairman, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), refused to provide comment to The Hill regarding the matter.

Earlier this week, Corsi revealed that his stepson was subpoenaed to provide grand jury testimony as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. The conservative author said investigators are interested in text messages sent between him and his stepson Andrew Stettner, who wrote that a computer on the journalist’s desk was “scrubbed.”

“I think they think that Andrew was conspiring with me, as my computer expert, to destroy evidence,” Corsi told the Fox Business Network on Tuesday. “They’re looking for anything they can find.”

The developments come as special counsel Robert Mueller investigates whether Corsi and longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone possessed advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ plans to release emails of top Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign officials. Stone emailed Corsi in July 2016, suggesting that he reach out to then-WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange to get ahold of the correspondences

Both men have denied any wrongdoing. I had “no advanced notice of the source or content or the exact timing of the release of the WikiLeaks disclosures,” Stone told the Associated Press in April 2018.

In November, Corsi said special counsel prosecutors offered him a plea deal, in which he would admit to making a false statement charge. Not only did he reject the deal, he filed a complaint with the Justice Department,accusing Mueller’s team of trying to coerce him to offer false testimony. “They can put me in prison the rest of my life. I am not going to sign a lie,” he told CNN.

The complaint, filed by Klayman, calls for the Justice Department to investigate the special counsel’s hardball tactics. “Special Counsel Mueller and his prosecutorial staff should respectfully be removed from his office and their practice of the law and a new Special Counsel appointed who respects and will obey common and accepted norms of professional ethics and the law and who will promptly conclude the so-called Russian collusion investigation which had been illegally and criminally spinning out of control,” it reads.


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