Al Gore: 99.9 Percent of Scientists Agree with Me on Climate Change

Al Gore, Climage Change

Appearing on CNN’s Newsroom Friday, former vice president Al Gore claimed 99.9 percent of scientists agree with his position on climate change.

A partial transcript is as follows:

BROOKE BALDWIN: Mr. Vice President, despite all the science, all the warnings, there are still [climate] skeptics at the highest level of government. To what do you attribute that?”

AL GORE: Well, I don’t think that there are, obviously, there’s no basis for doubting what Mother Nature is telling us now. It’s beyond consensus of 99 percent of the scientists. Just listen to Mother Nature, and the climate-related extreme weather events have quadrupled in recent years. Here in the U.S. alone, in less than nine years we’ve had 17 once-in-a-thousand-year events, and they keep on coming, and they keep on getting worse. So, the old strategy of trying to fool people into disbelieving the evidence in front of their own eyes is failing. And, we’re crossing a tipping point now, Brooke. We’re seeing many Republicans change there positions and join the growing bipartisan consensus. The debate’s not about the science. That debate’s long since over. The debate now is about the best ways to move as fast as we can to solve this crisis.


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