Tom Steyer Rallies Impeachment Supporters After Lackluster Conclusion of Mueller Report

Anti-Trump billionaire Tom Steyer hosts a town hall meeting on December 4, 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina. Steyer, founder of NextGen America and Need to Impeach, is testing the waters for a 2020 presidential run.
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer issued a video on Friday rallying supporters after the lackluster conclusion of the report issued by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller’s report did not include any additional criminal indictments, despite leftists dreaming that President Donald Trump or members of his family would be sent to jail as a result of the investigation.

Steyer called for “perspective,” reminding them that Mueller already indicted people connected to Trump such as Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos.

“It has already led to the indictment of 34 individuals,” Steyer said, leaving out the fact that 26 of them were Russians as well as three Russian companies.

He reminded supporters that the Mueller report had sparked other investigations into “Mr. Trump’s criminality.”

Steyer called for Attorney General William Barr to do a full release of the report.

He urged supporters to cling to the idea that Trump already “participated in crimes” while in the presidency.

“Let’s learn as much as we can from this report knowing that the information is already in that this president needs to be impeached,” Steyer said.



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