Trump: Kamala Harris Received ‘Too Much Credit’ for Attacking Biden

MIAMI, FLORIDA - JUNE 27: Sen. Kamala Harris (R) (D-CA) and former Vice President Joe Biden (L) speak as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) looks on during the second night of the first Democratic presidential debate on June 27, 2019 in Miami, Florida. A field of 20 Democratic presidential candidates was …
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President Trump said Saturday that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) received “too much credit” for attacking Joe Biden (D) during Thursday night’s Democrat debate.

Trump made the remarks during a news conference at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan over the weekend. He even added that she “probably” hit Biden harder than he deserved.

“I think she was given too much credit for what she did. It wasn’t that outstanding,” Trump said, according to Politico. “I think probably he was hit harder than he should have been hit.”

When asked if Harris would be a tough challenger, Trump said, “you never know.”

“You never know who’s going to be tough,” he said. “You never know.”

“I think she’s getting far too much credit for what she said,” the president reiterated. “It was right out of the can. It was right out of the box. He didn’t respond great. This is not Winston Churchill we’re dealing with, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as they pretend it to be.”

Harris launched a direct attack against Biden during Thursday’s debate, using it as a platform to launch her “that little girl was me” rallying cry. She told the story of her former neighbors, whom, she claims, did not allow their children to play with her due to her race.

While she told Biden that she did not believe he is a racist, she grilled him for his opposition to busing.

She said:

I’m going to now direct this at Vice President Biden, I do not believe you are a racist, and I agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground.

But I also believe, and it’s personal — and I was actually very — it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United
States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country. And it was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing.

And, you know, there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bused to school every day. And that little girl was me. So I will tell you that, on this subject, it cannot be an intellectual debate among Democrats. We have to take it seriously. We have to act swiftly.

She also questioned Biden directly.

“Vice President Biden, do you agree today — do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in America then? Do you agree?” she asked.

“I did not oppose busing in America. What I opposed is busing ordered by the Department of Education. That’s what I opposed,” Biden said before defending his support for the ERA.

“I supported the ERA from the very beginning,” he said. “I’m the guy that extended the Voting Rights Act for 25 years.”

According to reports, Harris’s campaign was planning an attack on Biden for “months.”


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