Woman Who Exposed Trash in Baltimore: I’m Being Threatened with Hit Piece, Hacking

Residents clean streets as law enforcement officers stand guard, in Baltimore, in the afte
Matt Rourke/AP

Republican political commentator Kimberly Klacik said she is now facing threats of hit pieces on her from reporters, after she tweeted a series of videos of Baltimore showing dilapidated abandoned homes, trash-filled yards, and residents discussing broken water pipes, sink holes, rodents, and roaches.

After Klacik tweeted videos, President Trump blasted House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) for not doing more for his home state and district and instead complaining about conditions for illegal immigrants at the southwest border.

Trump’s tweets sparked a fury of commentary from Democrat lawmakers, pundits, and journalists claiming that Trump’s comments were racist because of Baltimore’s large black community and because Cummings is black.

However, Klacik, who is also black, said she is now facing calls that reporters are doing a “hit piece” on her.

“So I am receiving calls that reporters are working on a hit piece on me. It is truly disappointing. Residents asked if I could help get the trash removed. I filmed it, posted it. You would think people would be upset that their brothers & sisters are living in those conditions,” she tweeted Saturday.

Klacik continued to expose trash on the streets on Saturday, tweeting that people were upset that she filmed the trash. “Hopefully this attention forces the city to clean up the mess & treat residents better.”

Klacik said she is also facing attempts from hackers who are trying to hack her Twitter account:

On Sunday she tweeted: “Stressful 24 hours. I’ve received countless emails, calls & text claiming my ‘hit piece’ is on the way. If this is the Left’s attempt to silence me, it only makes me want to fight harder for what is right. Intimidating a black woman just for speaking out? Actual racism.”

Klacik’s videos have now inspired other commentators and activists to expose the conditions in Baltimore. One conservative activist, Scott Pressler, said he is organizing a trash cleanup in the city next week:


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