Warren Signals She Will Not Attack Biden During Houston Debate

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks during the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention at the SNHU Arena on September 7, 2019 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Nineteen presidential candidates will be attending the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention for the state's first cattle call before the 2020 primaries. (Photo …
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) signaled that she will not go out of her way to attack Joe Biden (D) during the third presidential debate, which will bring all three of the top tier candidates – including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) – on the same debate stage.

Warren spoke to ABC News ahead of her appearance at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention on Saturday and made it clear that she is not intending to launch an attack at Biden– or any other candidate, for that matter.

“All I can do is stand up and talk about why I’m running,” Warren told ABC News. “I’m not here to criticize any other Democrat or anyone else’s campaign.”

Warren also dismissed concerns of lower-tier candidates launching attacks toward her during the debate.

“I just see this as an opportunity for all of the Democrats to get up and talk about their vision, what it would mean to them if they were president of the United States and what it would mean to America. I hope that’s what everyone else on stage is doing,” she said, echoing Sanders, who has adamantly refused to criticize Warren.

Sanders declined to do so when given the opportunity during an interview with Vice News last month, telling the outlet that it “is not the way you necessarily win a campaign.”

“What people want to know is what I stand for and people can make that decision,” Sanders said in response to questions surrounding Warren’s policies.

“The way you win a campaign is to let people know what you stand for, what I stand for,” he added.

Biden reportedly said the debate, bringing all of the top candidates on the stage, will be a “good thing” and added that he is “looking forward to it.”

The debate will take place in Houston, Texas, on Thursday, September 12.


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