Elizabeth Warren Targets Specific Billionaires in Latest Campaign Ad

TOPSHOT - Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren gestures as she speaks during a campaign stop at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia on May 16, 2019. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Billionaires have managed to secure a position as Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) Public Enemy No. 1 and are featured in the presidential hopeful’s recent 60-second political ad titled, “Elizabeth Warren Stands Up to Billionaires.”

The ad, which is set to air on CNBC in New York City and Washington, DC, on Thursday, opens with Warren calling for a “wealth tax” in America.” She tells the crowd, “I’ve heard that there are some billionaires who don’t support this plan.”

The ad then pans to a series of billionaires who disagree with her. Her ad notes their net worth and highlights their purported wrongdoings:

For example, the ad features a clip of billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman saying, “The vilification of billionaires makes no sense to me.”

“Charged with insider trading” flashes across the screen following his remark.

“She would ruin what we have,” TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts states, with the Warren campaign adding, “shovels money to GOP Super PACs.”

The ad also highlights venture capitalist Peter Thiel and lists one of his wrongdoings as being a “major Trump donor.”

“So here’s the deal. You built a great fortune –  good for you. I guarantee you built it at least in part using workers all of us help pay to educate, getting your goods to market on roads and bridges all of us help pay to build,” Warren says in the ad.

“We’re Americans we want to make these investments. All we’re saying is, when you make it big pitch in two cents so everybody else gets a chance to make it,” she adds.

Another reminder flashes on the screen, claiming Warren’s “wealth tax” can pay for universal childcare, universal pre-k, the cancelation of student loan debt, universal free college “and more.”

One of Warren’s most costly proposals, the $52 trillion Medicare for All plan, would be paid for, in part, by an additional tax hike on billionaires, requiring them “to pitch in six cents on each dollar of net worth above $1 billion.”

Warren’s campaign recently rolled out new campaign merchandise, which features a $25 mug with the phrase “billionaire tears” across the front:


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