Mike Pence: In 2020, Have Faith in God and Donald Trump

Mike Pence, 2020 Rally
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Vice President Mike Pence kicked off the first campaign rally in 2020 Thursday by urging supporters of President Donald Trump to “have faith” as the elections approach.

“In these divided times, as this election year begins, I encourage you to have faith,” Pence said. “Have faith in this president, whose drive and vision have made America great again.”

Pence spoke at the beginning of a Trump campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio, on Thursday.

He also reminded supporters to have faith in God.

“If we put our trust in Him who has ever guided the destiny of this last great hope of earth, that he will yet bless Ohio and America beyond anything we could ask or imagine,” Pence said, referring to Ohio’s state motto, “With God All Things Are Possible.”

He also asked Trump supporters to keep up the enthusiasm for their campaign and to tell their friends and neighbors about everything he and the president had done to make the country better.

“I know that with your continued support, with our strong allies in Congress and in your state house and with God’s help, we’re going to deliver a great victory for the American people straight through the state of Ohio,” he said.

The vice president also defended Trump against the House effort to impeach the president, criticizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for dragging out the Democrat-led effort impeachment process.

“Remember they said it was urgent, and now Nancy Pelosi has been sitting on those articles of impeachment for almost a month,” he said. “It is a disgrace.”

Pence praised Trump, noting that he would do whatever it took to keep the country safe and economically strong.

“He never quits, he never backs down. He believes in you and fights for you every single day,” he said.


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