Dr. Anthony Fauci: America Has Not Reached Peak of Coronavirus Deaths

Dr. Anthony Fauci Speaks at White House
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday at the White House that the United States had not reached the peak of the Coronavirus infections.

Fauci cited the new numbers of coronavirus fatalities in the United States, currently at 27.

“That’s going to be up, and there will be several more, and tomorrow there will several more,” Fauci admitted during a White House press briefing on Tuesday evening with reporters.

Fauci said that Americans could continue to interfere with the flow of the outbreak by following the common-sense practices to reduce the rate of infection found on the government website coronavirus.gov.

Although Fauci said the risk to the American public continued to be low, he acknowledged that certain communities faced a higher risk, such as Washington state, California, New York, and Florida.

He said that Americans must take steps to change their behavior to avoid contracting the virus and spreading it further in the United States.

“We would like the country to realize that as a nation we can’t be doing the kinds of things we were doing a couple of months ago,” he said.

He pointed to the decrease of deaths in China as positive news but acknowledged that there were more cases in Europe.

“The cases continue to increase globally,” Fauci said, citing to the rise of European fatalities.

“That’s something that is expected, that’s the way these kinds of outbreaks go,” he said.


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