Joe Biden Seen Publicly for 6 Minutes in Last 8 Days

joe-biden caught from above.
Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Democrat presidential front runner Joe Biden has largely gone into hiding as the coronavirus crisis ballooned this week.

CBS News reporter Bo Erickson estimated Biden has been seen publicly for about six minutes since last Friday’s disastrous virtual town hall meeting.

In past week, Joe Biden has only had 1 on-camera public address as COVID escalated. (He spoke for ~6 mins on Tuesday from his home.),” Erickson wrote on Twitter.

“He also hosted a tele-town hall w/voters, answered Qs on press call & video chatted w/donors. Everything else has been statements ripping POTUS,” he said.

The last public appearance ended awkwardly, when he concluded his remarks, seemed startled by his wife, and then stood on camera for several moments before being called off.

Joe Biden / YouTube

Biden’s absence has sparked a “#WheresJoe” movement on social media.

Does Joe even remember he is running for president?” “A sister for Bernie” wondered.

“…has anyone seen Joe?” journalist Glenn Greenwald asked.

A self-described “Bernie Bro” shared a “Lost” advertisement with Biden’s picture.

During a call with reporters on Friday, he said he plans to be more visible in the coming weeks.

“They tell me there’s ways we can do teleconferencing via us all being in different locations,” he said.

Kyle Olson is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @KyleOlson4.


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