Joe Biden Struggles During Livestream: ‘For Example, You Know, Uh, Uh … Anyway, I Won’t Go Into All of That’

Joe Biden / YouTube

Democrat presidential front runner Joe Biden held a virtual town hall meeting on Friday with medical and emergency personnel dealing with coronavirus, and he suffered an awkward mental collapse as he fumbled through his notes.

Biden was touting the stimulus bill pushed by President Trump and said, “Child care assistance for essential workers like you,” to a participant.

“Mortgage payment postponements for anyone financially impacted by the crisis,” he continued from the script.

“That’s what has been passed. Now it has to be implemented. So, I don’t think if you have any difficulty — not a joke — anybody moving on your mortgage, any of that, pick up the phone and call me, I’ll let you know how to get— no, I really mean it,” Biden said.

“Not a joke,” he emphasized.

He then seemed to lose his train of thought.

“But there’s a lot more. For example, you know, uh, um, I think there’s more we’re going to have to do as we go down the line here,” he said.

“For example, you know, uh, uh, additional checks to families should be, uh, um, um, should, conditions should required, but I think there’s a minimum, anyway, I won’t go into all of that,” he said, giving up on the point.

The event held on YouTube peaked at less than 700 simultaneous viewers.

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